Octobernomicon, Oct 3: La Llorona

La Llorona, Unique Wraith

There are many stories about La Llorona, but very few agree on any points. The one point they do all agree on is that she murdered her own children, methodically drowning each one of them. No one knows for certain who she was in life, or what drove her to commit such an atrocity. The act condemned her to an afterlife of wandering near creeks and rivers, wailing in grief and anguish over her crime. Her spirit is twisted, driven beyond madness by her torment. La Llorona can be found wherever there is a significant Hispanic population.
Legend knows La Llorona as a horribly malicious spirit. She comes when it rains, stalking near waterways, hunting children. She drowns them, filling their lungs with water; in her madness she believes in their death they will replace the children she murdered. She is also known as an ill-omen; those who see her may face their own death soon, or may be driven to kill their own children.

When La Llorona appears, she is a beautiful Mexican woman, wearing a glowing white dress that would have been appropriate in the 19th century. Her hands are wet and dripping. Her feet and the hem of her dress are muddy. From the waist down, her dress is stained from dirty water. La Llorona is constantly weeping, tears pouring like water from her bloody, empty eye-sockets.

La Llorona attacks as a normal wraith, targetting the victim’s CON. On a successful attack, the target’s lungs start filling with water. They begin drowning as per the drowning rules in the Call of Cthulhu rulebook (in this case, the victim tries to resist at CON x 6). If the target successful resist drowning, the water is expelled

Special Attacks

Death: The aura around La Llorona is so palpalble with anger and torment it can overwhelm a human being. The first time a person sees La Llorona, they must make a Luck roll. If they fail, they have a massive heart attack and die instantly.

Compel: This ability affects only women. La Llorona can infect a human mother with her madness. By successfully matching her POW against a mother’s POW, La Llorona can force the mother to murder her children. The victim may make a Idea roll, but only once, to resist La Llorona’s command.

La Llorona, The Crier

STR N/A – CON N/A – POW 15
INT 11 – SIZ N/A – DEX N/A

Mov 7 – HP N/A

Weapons: No physical attacks; see description above for La Llorona’s attacks.

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see La Llorona.

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