Octobernomicon, Oct 2: Wills-o-the-Wisp

Wills-o-the-Wisp, Lesser Servator Race

Ominous lights that have fascinated and terrified humanity since before recorded history, Wills-o-the-Wisp are servants of Tulzscha. Born of human sacrifices to the Outer God, Wills-o-the-Wisp protect places sacred to Tuzlscha and its followers, confusing trespassers, leading them astray and onto dangerous ground. Omens of ill-luck and death, the Wills-o-the-Wisp may be sent to curse those who have run afoul of Tulzscha’s cult. The Wills-o-the-Wisp also serve as harbingers, appearing before the deaths of those Tulzscha has taken an inexplicable interest in.

Special Attacks:
Confuse: By spending one magic point, the Wills-o-the-Wisp can confuse a target for 1d10 rounds. The victim loses 30% on all rolls during every round, unless they can make a successful Idea roll (made without penalty); the victim must make the Idea roll each round.

Enchant: By spending one magic point, and making successful POW vs. POW roll on the Resistance Table, the Wills-o-the-Wisp can enchant a target, compelling him to follow the corpse-light. The target will remain enchanted as long as the Wills-o-the-Wisp spends 1 magic point per round. The victim may not resist after they have been enchanted, though friends can try to force the victim out of the trance (by making another POW vs. POW roll against the victim’s POW).

Cursed Luck: Spending 1 magic point, the Wills-o-the-Wisp can curse the luck of a target for 1d4 weeks. The target’s Luck characteristic loses 50 percentiles. Keepers should feel free to torment this character for the duration.

Ill Omen: Anyone seeing a Wills-o-the-Wisp must make a luck roll. Failure indicates 1d3 loved ones will die within the month.

Wills-o-the-Wisp, the Fool’s Flame, the Corpse-Candles
Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – N/A – N/A
CON – Equal to POW – 13
SIZ – Equal to POW – 13
INT – 2d6 – 7
POW – 2d6+6 – 13
DEX – 2d6+12 – 19

Mov 20 flying – HP 13

Damage Bonus: n/a

Weapons: Wills-o-the-Wisp have no physical attacks; see special attacks above

Armor: None, but is immune from all physical attacks. Intense light can harm a Wills-o-the-Wisp however; torches do 1d6 damage, flashlights 1d4, and candles do 1d3 (Dex x 5 to successfully aim the light’s beam).

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 0/1d4 to see a Wills-o-the-Wisp

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