Sack of Uncertainty

I reached in. When I drew out my hand, I felt something round, and a bunch of wriggling scratching things. It freaked me out and I flung the stuff on the ground. Bunch of damn huge cockroaches, and a speed loader full of .38 rounds. What the hell.–Anonymous.

The Sack of Uncertainty appears as an ordinary bag: it may be decorated or plain; it may snap shut, cinch, or tie; it may be leather, vinyl, or even a plastic grocery bag. It is no more durable
than an ordinary item of its type.

Once per lunar cycle, a person may reach into the sack and retrieve two items, both of which will emerge together in the user’s hand. This means they may not be overly large. The Sack of Uncertainty works only once per cycle–it may not be shared among a group who seek its use. All items are things which exist in the current time period.

The items drawn include a useful one, and another which will either have a one-time curse effect, or be disgusting, Sanity loss inducing, and/or very socially awkward.

It is impossible to tell whether an item has a positive or negative function until it is used. Suggested examples may be found below.

A magazine, or speed loader, of ammunition, the caliber of which fits an Investigator’s weapon. (If positive, the ammunition works properly–if negative, the rounds explode.)

A key. (If positive, it fits (only) the next locked door the Investigators encounter–if negative, the next time they attempt to turn a familiar doorknob, it jams and must be replaced.)

Examples of simply disgusting, Sanity loss inducing, and/or very socially awkward items may be found below.

A bloody, recently ripped-out human eyeball. This causes a Sanity test for 1/1D4.

Several cockroaches.

An illegal object or substance.

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