Oni are physical beings of varying origins. Some are Ogres, some are human beings so wicked, that they have transformed into a more horrific form. All are eaters of human flesh, but far from being mindless thugs one usually associates with ogres, they are clever in their evil. Some have been worshipped as kami by local peasants who make sacrifices of their population to them in exchange for the Oni’s protection. Oni appear as huge, brutish red or blue skinned humanoids, generally male, but females, called Kijo, exist as well.

STR 5d6x5 (100) CON 5d6x5 (100) SIZ 5d6x5 (100) DEX 3d6x5 (60)
INT 3d6x5 (60) APP 1d6x5 (40) POW 5d6x5 (100) EDU
HP (20)
DB (1d6)
MOVE (8)
MP (20)
SAN 2/2d4
Oni are quick in battle and have two attacks/round
Weapon: Oni can use any weapon from the weapon chart, typically preferring a No Dachi or a Club 65% (32/13) 1d6+db (No Dachi) 1d4+db (Club)
Brawl: 55% (27/11) 1d4+db
Armor: An Oni’s skin is supernaturally tough and acts a 5 points of natural armor and also affords the Oni Complete Protection from either Fire or Cold dependent on the tone of its skin.

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