The damn thing was huge, and a Class Three. It stood on giant hooves, had a mid-section kind of like a slimy tree, but covered with dozens of mouths spewing stinking green goo. Several thick tentacles writhed from the top. One of them grabbed up Charlie, another the Professor, then swelled up, squeezed, and our two guys popped like screaming grapes. Shot blood all over me. Hell, I didn’t even realize I was that close.

I drew the 1860. I knew it was draining my life, soul, or something. Still, Class Three. I put the last two rounds into the creature. Two beautiful blue streaks, then the crackling explosions. Must have been gallons of green-black filth blew out of the thing.

It started careening, stomping off into the woods, all those damn mouths screaming. Then it just slid in half. I felt my mind crumble just a little bit more. Am I de-briefed now? I need to get drunk.

Anderson Blake, U.S. Marshal (Ret.), now in the care of the Manchester Foundation.

This is a magically enchanted Colt Army Model 1860, a .44 caliber six shot weapon which weighs 2 lbs 11 ounces. It has neither ammunition nor moving parts. An Elder Sign is engraved on the top of the cylinder.

Enchanted, and including a magically active Elder Sign, the Revolver harms creatures immune to non-magical weapons, including Mythos creatures and entities. A target’s armor offers no protection, and it does full rolled damage to creatures which generally take only 1 hit point of damage from penetrating weapons, such as firearms.

The “ammunition” in this weapon are magical charges. Upon each shot, a streak of blue light leaps from the barrel. A successful hit vs. a Mythos being creates a dramatic discharge of crackling blue energy, and explosion of the flesh and/or other material of the target. This also
causes an extra 1D6 damage.

A successful Cthulhu Mythos roll, using a source from in or after the 1860s, reveals the above, as well as the following. A significant downside to firing the Revolver is the loss of “a part of the self,” (one POW point) per shot. Otherwise, this POW drain will only be discovered through usage.

Once an Investigator has fired it, they are the Revolver’s “owner,” and no one else in the group may use it. When the six shots are expended, or the Revolver is destroyed, it vanishes–appearing elsewhere.

Base Chance 20%, Damage 1D8+1D6 (+1D6 magic vs Mythos creatures), Base Range 15, Rate of Fire 1, Capacity 6, Armor 10, Hit points 16, Malfunction N/A

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