Chupacabra, Great Old One

(Author’s Note: This version of the Chupacabra is offered as an alternative to the one presented in The Bermuda Triangle source book for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game.)

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“ It’s manifestation was prefaced by a flurry of livestock mutilations on the Caribbean island nation of Puerto Rico. Most disturbing was the face that the animal corpses, which included goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits, were report to be completely devoid of blood, as if some modern vampire had paid them a visit in the dark of night. Allegedly, two tell-tale puncture wounds were the only sign left behind by the unseen attacker. Soon, reports of hideous, goblinlike creatures were large, lidless eyes and razor-sharp claws began to surface. The Chupacabra had arrived.” – Ken Gerhard, Encounters With Flying Humanoids

The creatures known as the Chupacabra are not – as is popularly believed – an unknown species of animals, the result of mad genetic experiments, or even alien invaders. They are the dreams of a Great Old One, stirring in its slumber off the coast of Puerto Rico. Denied the blood sacrifices once offered it, the Great Old One sent its dreams into the world to gather the sustenance needed to continue its hibernation until the stars are right.

The dreams have spread throughout the Western Hemisphere over the past two decades. There are few places in the Americas that are not haunted by a Chupacabra. Usually content with feeding on livestock and wild animals, the dreams will work their way up the food chain if an area becomes depleted of prey animals, eventually turning to human blood.

Cult: The Great Old One dreaming the Chupacabra was once worshiped by shunned cults among the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico. No cult survives today; the last member died in the late 1980s. The dreams began to manifest on the island soon after.

Special Abilities

Hateful Stare: Anyone encountering a Chupacabra must make a Luck roll to avoid making eye-contact with the entity. Any unfortunate soul who locks eyes with the creature catches but the barest glimpse into the mind of the dreaming Great Old One. The subject becomes overwhelmed by intense feelings of hatred and anger, unable to move or act. The victim must make a successful Sanity to break eye-contact; until a successful sanity roll is made, the victim loses 1d6 sanity per round.

Chupacabra, Dreams of the Great Old One.

char – rolls – avg

STR 3d6 10-11

CON 3d6 10-11

SIZ 1d6+2 5-6

INT 1d6 4

POW 3d6 10

DEX 3d6+6 19-20

Mov 6, Jump 10 – HP 9

Av. Damage Bonus: +1d6

Weapons: Claws 40% damage 1d6 + db

Pounce 60% damage grapple + automatic claw or bite attack next round

Fangs 50% damage 1d4 + db + grapple, then 1d4 HP per round while grappled until victim breaks free or is drained of blood.

Armor: None.

Spells: None

Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see a Chupacabra.

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