Book Review: Cthulhu Attacks! by Sean Hoade

Cthulhu Attacks! Book Cover

Cthulhu Attacks! by Sean Hoade

“The Call of Cthulhu” introduced us to the potential that a beast of unimaginable horror could be released on our world.

Cthulhu Attacks! shows us a world where that potential is realized.

In the not-distant future, the world is changed forever by the sudden release of the great beast Cthulhu. As it turns out, the infamous “Bloop” in the South Pacific was the heralding cry of Cthulhu. When he is finally released, the psychic wave he sends out radiates across the world and has a reaction of horror level proportions.

From that point, the story explodes into a 1950’s-styled monster movie. The beast is awake and the world needs to prepare.

The best part of this entire book is the way that we see the entire world and its many gears turning to create this epic story of Cyclopean proportions. Mr. Hoade does an excellent job of introducing political machinations in the form of a how the U.N. and the President of the United States react to the situation. Not just the heads, but also the different pieces within the political menagerie.

Another strength of Hoade’s resides in his ability to tie everything together and answer the questions that we have. Everytime a question came to my mind regarding the plot or the some background piece of the story, he provides an answer.

This story is a terror-inducing roller-coaster of excitement demonstrated by the character evolution.

By the end of the story, I was excited to read the sequel when it comes out.

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