All I ever needed to know, I learned at the Chaosium Booth

After the careful admission of Sodium Penythol, I managed
to get some cool news to post here from Charlie and

  • I LOVE D20. I never have ran it and have no
    immediate plans to, but I love it. Here’s the scoop on
    WotC and D20. Chaosium never sold anything to WotC. In
    fact, they whole thing works out pretty sweet for them.
    WotC handles all the development, editing, layout and
    printing costs, so the book cost Chaosium nothing save the
    time to cash license checks. What do they do with those
    license checks you ask? Use that money to make a unholy
    assload of new books. Yes, all the new books I saw are
    all DUAL books. You can use them for D20 OR BRP. In fact,
    in theory, you could run 1 game with both simultaneously!!
    Sure, you’d have blood running out of your ears, but Call
    of Cthulhu is Call of Cthulhu, no matter what dice you
    roll. Now that D20 is out, there’s a BUNCH of new Call
    of Cthulhu gamers, which means more people buying books,
    which means more money for Chaosium. This means more
    books for BRP AND D20 fans alike!! What’s not to
  • I saw ALLOT coming from the big C soon, expect allot
    of new stuff and freaking gorgeous reprints of classic old
    stuff. The new Dunwich book made me cream, it was one of
    the best looking books I’ve seen in a while.. those guys
    are artists. Its a rare talent to find someone who can
    make a wonderful game like that and then turn around and
    do such a beautiful job producing it. It makes no wonder
    why the 20th anniversary book made Best Layout at
  • Unfortunately the Penythol wore off and both of them
    succumbed to unconsciousness after a few hours of torture,
    I’ll give you more info as those subdermal listening
    devices start paying for themselves. Those things aren’t
    easy to acquire, only one in ten ex-KGB agents produces
    one when skinned. And why is it always the tenth agent?

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