This is an announcement to let you know that the registration and scheduling page for the HPL Birthday con just went up at

I encourage you to run a game – I have lots of gaming booty to give away to GMs who fight the good fight (as many of you know from last year). It’s $5 to get in; Payment is easy – email me ([email protected]) and we’ll work it out. Once we work it out I give you your ticket number and you can then register online at the above URL.

There is more info on the con at the VGG site www.vancouvergamingguild.com (although I haven’t linked to the registration page YET), but here it all is again:

H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party Gaming Convention
The theme is Cthulhu-style games, but any game you want to bring is welcome, regardless of genre. We plan to have Call of Cthulhu, Mythos, Hills Rise Wild, Living Arcanis, Living Greyhawk and many more games.

Online preregistration for scheduled games will be available soon. There will be a licensed lounge area available for those over 19 with valid identification. There will also be some semblance of a snack bar.

WHEN: Saturday August 17th (9am to Midnight)
WHERE: The Marpole Curling Club, 8730 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Prizes and Awards for GMs!
Email Toren at [email protected] with questions.

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