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Howdy Folks!

As I write this month’s report, there is plenty going on at Chaosium. Our d20 COC GM pack is nearly finished being printed, and is
expected in our warehouse within a week. It’ll ship off to distributors & a retailer near you by the end of the month. Our BRP
book is at the printer, and there’s an excellent chance we’ll have it at Gen Con. Our H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Sourcebook is in
final editing, and should ship off to the printer very soon. It looks like this book will be available a little early – mid August
or so.

We’re rapidly getting ready for the upcoming Gen Con game fair in good old Milwaukee. In all likelihood, we’ll need some volunteer
GM’s to help us run some events. We’re currently waiting for event confirmations that will tell us just how much help we might
need. Once we have more information, we’ll send out a call for volunteers. If you’ve previously volunteered to help us, and have
yet to hear back from us, now you know why!

We’ve a couple of surprises in store for Gen Con attendees. We’re hosting a Miskatonic University Library Association Haiku
contest (, we hope to
announce a couple of new books (manuscripts willing), and we’ll have a couple of limited products available at the Chaosium booth.
We’re bringing a very limited version of our 20th Anniversary Edition Call of Cthulhu to say goodbye to Old Milwaukee, and we’ve
got a swell limited T-shirt to sell to attendees as well.  We’ll make both of them available on our web page after the show.
Unless of course they sell out.

Chaosium was honored to receive two Origins Awards while at the Origins Game Expo earlier this month. Bruce Ballon’s Unseen
Masters (CHA 2384) won Best RPG Adventure for 2001. Our Call of Cthulhu 20th Anniversary Edition won Best Graphic Presentation of
an RPG product as well. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for our titles, and all the authors and artists who worked so hard
upon them.

From our Vancouver Field Office, and the desk of Toren Atkinson:


This is an announcement to let you know that the registration and scheduling page for the HPL Birthday con just went up at

I encourage you to run a game – I have lots of gaming booty to give away to GMs who fight the good fight (as many of you know from
last year). It’s $5 to get in; Payment is easy – email me ([email protected]) and
we’ll work it out. Once we work it out I give you your ticket number and you can then register online at the above URL.

There is more info on the con at the VGG site
(although I haven’t linked to the registration page YET), but here it all is again:

H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party Gaming Convention

The theme is Cthulhu-style games, but any game you want to bring is welcome, regardless of genre. We plan to have Call of Cthulhu,
Mythos, Hills Rise Wild, Living Arcanis, Living Greyhawk and many more games. Online pre-registration for scheduled games will be
available soon. There will be a licensed lounge area available for those over 19 with valid identification. There will also be
some semblance of a snack bar.

WHEN: Saturday August 17th (9am to Midnight)

WHERE: The Marpole Curling Club, 8730 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Prizes and Awards for GMs!

Email Toren at [email protected] with questions.

Here’s the Chaosium upcoming release Schedule: For more information check out our web page.

Please let your local shop know you want these books! Support your local shop – it’s where new Chaosium gamers come from.


The Creature Companion

#2375 $21.95 ISBN 1-56882-133-6

At the printer. Our Manual of Mythos Monsters will be Late Summer 2002.


H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands (Hardcover)

#2394, $34.95  ISBN 1-56882-157-3

At The Printer. We’ll be releasing a hardcover edition of our Dreamlands Sourcebook sometime this Fall.


Miskatonic University (hardcover)

CHA 2389 $39.95 Hardcover ISBN 1-56882-140-9

Fall 2002

Secrets of Japan

Modern-Day Exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun

CHA 2392 $27.95 ISBN 1-56882-156-5

Fall 2002

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich (dual stat: BRP/d20)

$25.95 ISBN 1-56882-166-2

August 2002

Keepers Companion Vol.2

$23.95 ISBN 1-56882-186-7

Fall 2002



Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (reprint)

#6022 $16.95  ISBN 1-56882-119-0

Expected July 2002.


The Necronomicon 2nd edition

#6034 $19.95 approx. 550 Pages ISBN 1-56882-162-X

August 2002.

Disciples of Cthulhu II

#6033 $13.95 ISBN 1-56882-143-3

Fall 2002

The White People & Other Tales

The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen Volume 2

#6035 $14.95 312 pages ISBN 1-56882-147-6

Winter 2002

The Tsathoggua Cycle

$13.95 ISBN 1-56882-131-X

Fall 2002

Call of Cthulhu d20

Pulp Cthulhu: Reckless adventures in the 1930’s   (D20)

A new setting for Call of Cthulhu & Call of Cthulhu D20.

8800 $29.95  256 pages ISBN 1-56882-159-X 

Expected Fall 2002

D20 Cthulhu GameMaster’s Pack 

CHA 8801 $19.95 ISBN 1-56882-166-2

Now at the Printer Ships to distributors Late July 2002.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich (dual stat: BRP/d20)

$25.95 ISBN 1-56882-166-2

August 2002

For Dragonlords of Melnibone (D20)

Cults of Law & Chaos

A New Dragon Lords of Melniboné & D20 system sourcebook.

This book is currently being written by Gareth Michael Skarka.

2020 $23.95 192 pages ISBN 1-56882-158-1 Release Date Unknown.

Arkham Horror 15th Anniversary Edition

CHA 1051  $59.95 1-56882-163-8

A cooperative board game for 1-8 players.

Spring 2003

Thanks for the support everyone!


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