REVIEW: The Yellow Sign

“Have you seen the yellow sign”


I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Aaron Vanek’s The Yellow Sign, much to my delight. The film was wonderfully done and I can’t wait for it on DVD.

A young art director, named Tess Reardon, is looking for new talent to spark some life into her failing gallery. At the same time, she’s being haunted by nightmares she can’t explain. While talking with an associate she stumbles across a reference to Aubrey Scott.

She seeks out Scott and is initially shaken by his bizarre demeanor. To call him eccentric would be the understatement of the year. He agrees to allow a showing of his “art”, if Tess will model for his newest painting. She grudgingly agrees and begins to pose for him, striking up a dialog while sitting.

As frequently happens with tales of the mythos, what starts as a trickle becomes a flood, as events and actions get exponentially weirder. Guided by Aubrey’s coaching, Tess begins to regress into a past life on a strange world, and things are not at all what they seem. Old sins have yet to be repaid, and “the powers that be” have not and never will forget. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I wholeheartedly recommend seeing this film and I personally will be purchasing it as soon as it comes available on DVD. I’m praying for DTS compatible surround sound. Hint, Hint Aaron Vanek 😉

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