The Twelve Days of Cthulhu

I realized on Thanksgiving morning that I’d missed a great opportunity for an article. I mean, what’s more Lovecraftian than a band of religious pilgrims landing on a foreign and savage shore in what would eventually become Massachusetts, and have to turn to the natives for assistance. As Lovecraft demonstrated, Native Americans and Mythos go together like two peas in a pod. Who knows what zany adventures they must have had?

So, in order to make up for it, I’ve created “The Twelve Days of Cthulhu”, twelve mini-scenarios revolving around the theme of Christmas. The first starts tomorrow, and I’ll be adding a new one every day. Yes, this doesn’t exactly lead up to Christmas, but I figure for those true gamers who will be playing games on Christmas day (hrm… I’ll need to see if I can swing that…) this will give them the opportunity to prepare a special Christmas adventure for their group.

See you tomorrow!

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