Three Great Old Ones

There are some pretty general assumptions about the Great Old Ones. First, that all of them were to some degree friendly or neutral to each other. (Or, they seem that way to this uneducated boob.) Second, is that they are all somehow sealed away by intentional means. This scenario tosses those two assumptions out the window as three bitter enemies prepare to awaken from the millennia long slumber in order to renew their past gripes with each other.

For this mini-scenario, I propose three new elder gods: Fnarth, Genkil and Mishob. All three absolutely hate each other, all three finally snapped several millennia ago and had a big Great Old One brawl, which hurt each of them so badly that they just sort of retreated to a place of safety nearby where they collapsed into a trance-like coma where they could recuperate and gather up energy.

These locations, conveniently enough, are all right near the location where the Investigators are. And, the time when they are supposed to return is right around the corner. To be precise: on the upcoming Winter Solstice. (Bet you were wondering when I’d get to the Christmas connection with this one, huh?)

So, in early December the denizens of this particular town (or city, as the case may be) begin to have nightmares. Some are affected more than others. Those more psychic than others (arbitrarily, I say those with higher POW), will receive vivid dreams, where as the psychic rocks of the world will just have a general feeling of ennui, which can easily be explained away by bitter cynicism towards their jobs and the commercialized holidays.

As always, the players may just opt to be sensible, flee the town, hence leaving time to discuss out-of-character the merits of which Rankin/Bass holiday special they prefer. (Me, I’m torn between Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Year Without Santa Claus. Rudolph is a long-time classic, but The Year Without Santa Claus has cool songs like, “I’m Mr. White Christmas! I’m Mr. Snow!” Right, anyway.)

Or, they may decide, like good Investigators who love their Keeper, to try and stop the return of these fell inhuman demigods. This will require the players to:

  • Identify what is happening. This can either be done through a handy OCCULT, or perhaps even CTHULHU MYTHOS roll. Such a roll may also, at the Keeper’s discretion, provide the solution outlined below.
  • Find a tome that has a proper binding spell. Insert your own favorite forbidden tome. Me, I’m all about the Necronomicon, but some may find that to be an easy cop-out.
  • Find the locations where these Great Old Ones are having their siesta. This can be done through investigation of tomes which describe local areas of high metaphysical significance, seeing clues in the haunting dreams that people are having, or having reports of campers going stark mad out in certain areas around town.
  • The day of the Solstice, before the Great Old Ones can gather their psychic legs underneath them and spring out and renew their battle, the binding spell is cast, thus sealing the beings away for a long, long time.

Should the players fail to do this, the town they live in will be subjected to a clash of Lovecraftian titans, killing some and driving more insane. Should they only succeed in binding all but one, then that one will kill his enemies in their sleep, and then terrorize the world at large. For inspiration for this portion of the game, watch some Godzilla.

Here’s some stats for ya:


A giant humanoid creature, purple/gray in color with its body covered in writhing tentacles tipped by eyes. Its hands and feet are tipped by giant claws.

STR 70
CON 45
SIZ 90
INT 21
POW 21
DEX 10
Move 20
HP 62
Damage Bonus: +9d6
Tentacles 90%, damage 1/2 DB
Claws 80%, damage DB
Armor: 10-point hide
SAN Loss: 1d6/1d20


A dancing pillar of green flame.

STR 60
CON 36
SIZ 78
INT 15
POW 15
DEX 12
Move 40

HP 57
Damage Bonus: N/A
Flame Gout 80%, 5d6
Armor: Immune to impaling weapons, heat, cold, acid and lightning. Explosions and other physical attacks do half damage.
SAN Loss: 1d3/1d20


An amorphous blue-black blob of ick!

STR 85
CON 40
SIZ 80
INT 20
POW 28
DEX 20
Move 10
HP 60
Damage Bonus: N/A
Pseudopod tendril 100%, damage 1d10 or entrap and grapple
Armor: 10-point blubbery hide

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