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While I’m not normally politically engaged (politics are like assholes…no…wait…politics are filled with assholes, that’s it…), I found myself suddenly inclined to get drunk, read a good book, and broadcast my love for the newly announced candidate.

Cthulhu believes in equal liberties for long as liberties means destruction and death.

Cthulhu believes in equal liberties for all…as long as liberties means destruction and death.

I received two t-shirts from Off World Designs, a site that provides not just Lovecraftian shirts, but shirts for just about any fandom.

The  second shirt can be seen here:

Vote For Cthulhu Shirt

Vote For Cthulhu Shirt

The shirts got quite the workout the weekend after they came in the mail. I took them to two different author events and showed them off. A lot of people loved them, and the branding with my books was obvious. Tag lines like “Why settle for the lesser evil?” won the hearts of many. I also roped in a lot of people who just wanted to talk about the Mythos in general, which was something that was new to me.

I loved the designs outside of just marketing myself as well. Each one is very professionally done and allows me to wear my fandom proudly.

The shirts themselves were durable and lasted the whole weekend, which included several messy meals and very long drives back and forth from my house.

When put through the wash, each shirt came out as good as new and and didn’t bleed or any of those other things people should worry about with new shirts.

I’ve now washed the shirts twice each, and still no bleeding, or falling apart, or fading.

Just well-made shirts.

Head on over to their site and check out their designs, all of them. The clever mindset that was behind them as well as the fandoms they cover definitely mean that you get a shirt that you’ll want to wear everywhere.

We Love These Shirts.

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