Nemesis, Elder God.

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  Thee, Nemesis, I call, almighty queen, by whom the deeds of mortal life are seen: eternal, much revered, of boundless sight, alone rejoicing in the just and right.

  • Orphic Hymn 61 to Nemesis, 3rd Century B.C.


Nemesis appears as a tall and beautiful dark haired woman. At times she will appear wearing a blindfold, and sometimes possesses large wings covered in black feathers. She often carries a set of scales and a long fearsome eternally sharp sword. She is sometimes called Revalitas, Invidia, or Nemesis Invidia.


CULT: Many pray Nemesis as the goddess of balance, of justice and fairness.  She is called upon to address undeserved success, unearned blessings, and to redress unjust wrongs committed against innocents. Here cult acts as her hands, striking out against those who approves of being worthy of her attention.  Her cultists are always dreamers who receive special training in the Dreamlands, at a remote monastery complex the Halls of Justice. They are located on a tiny unnamed island southwest of Oriab. Here her most devoted followers learn deadly fighting techniques and dark magic, making them some of the most effective assassins of the Ancient World.       


OTHER CHARACTERISTICS:  Nemesis is seldom seen outside of the Dreamlands. She much prefers to send her cultists to act on her behalf. The most heinous and unjust of crimes might draw her direct action. Her manner is cold, but always fair. Nemesis is not quick to judgement, as she tries to gather all possible information before making any decision. However, once a decision is reached she seldom changes her mind and usually acts swiftly (often fatally) on the matter at hand. When angered she emits a nimbus of cold and her eye glow with a pale. She seldom interacts with the other Elder Gods,  as they typically find her manner unnerving.    


Attacks & Special Effects: In combat Nemesis can dodge, parry, and attack all in the same round, moving faster than the human eye can follow. Those struck by the Blade of Nemesis must make a POW check or fall instantly dead, victims of a decapitation or severed limb. Regardless of this effect the damage inflicted is considerable. If Nemesis uses both hands to wield her sword she can deliver 3 attacks every 2 rounds.


Often the goddess can dispatch most combat with a single back slap. She can also strike with her sword and deliver a slap in the same round. Nemesis can also hold opponents helpless with the ivy grip of her hand. The goddess can compel an honest confession from anyone she so grapples by expending 5 MP.    


The Elder Goddess can also restore 1D12 of her lost HP by expending 1 MP.  Nemesis can cast any spells so desired by the keeper. She has the innate ability to summon a Horde of Fallen Arabians (see Fallen Arabians) by expending 5 MP.


Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance

STR  55 CON  36 SIZ  14 INT  30 POW  35

DEX  40 APP  18 Move 35 HP 25

Damage Bonus: 3D6

Weapons:       Slap 65%, 1D3+db.

The Blade of Nemesis 80%, 1D8+db

Grapple 70%

Armor:  None, but can heal 1D12 points by expending one magic point

Can Dodge, Parry, and attack in the same round.  

Skills:  Dodge 75%, Hide 70%, Insight 85%, Sneak 80%, Spot Hidden 80%    
Spell:  Any so desired by the Keeper.

Sanity Loss:   no Sanity loss to see Nemesis  

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