Origins: el fin

As all good things must come to an end (and you always wondered why we chose chaotic evil), so must Origins. Here’s the blow by blow and play by play for Saturday night and Sunday. Why combine two days into one? Because they.. both kinda greyed together..

Well, I’d like to thank Rogue Cthulhu for allowing Phobia and I to test out a new game we devised to inflict on the poor unsuspecting masses. We got alot of feedback from folks and will be revising like madmen, oh so very soon.

We’ve also made a permanent link to Rogue Cthulhu on our links block, so please click, click, click away to your hearts content. These madmen deserve it. Actually they deserve your clicks as well as a long relaxing stay someplace with padded walls, but that’s really for the courts to decide.

Sunday was another day at origins, and I demo’ed Call of Cthluhu for a few people in the newcomers track. The best part I think of that is, I think, when the father and his two sons showed up. We were playing Dead Man’s Stomp for them and as the two sons where young (Think Pokemon demographics) I toned it down, but then the worse happened. During the graveyard scene, Dad when homocidally insane and started shooting everything that moved. Amazingly the two stout lads managed to avoid thier father AND stop the evil. Good job lads!

That all said, Origins was a blast and I look forward to the next con.

Perhaps Phobia will enthrall us with tales of Deane’s game that don’t give out TOO many spoilers, or at least tell the world how much I snore.

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