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The Writer – Cthulhu playing cards

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Down In Mexico

Today we take readers across the border … of sanity. Enjoy.

I had chased it to Mexico. I didn’t want to head that far south. Certain elements looked upon what I did as grave robbing. It didn’t occur to them that the things I took made it harder for the Nameless Ones to make it through an entirely different set of borders. You have to believe They exist to even understand this, so I couldn’t blame the ignorant. I could mostly avoid them, but not when it came to tracking down one particular amulet.

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And then there was twitter.

Earlier this week we launched our twitter account @ShoggothNet.  Feel free to follow it & tweet to it.  It will automagically post all articles posted to (hopefully) and we will use it to interact with YOU the users.

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Support a writer’s quest and get 12 BOOKS! (and a poster)

Good people of, hear me!

becky and me

Your humble Assistant Acquisitions Poobah (that’s me) has a Patreon going to support the writing of 12 novels. Six of them are already out there, and the next six will be written over the next year or so … at least they will with your help. There are great rewards, the best of which is ONE BOOK PER MONTH FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS! The next reward goes out to anyone who has supported the cause by June 30.

Have a look at the plan, won’t you? You can read the first half of all of my published books at my website,, and everything you’d like to know is in the video below!
Thanks, guys, and keep those stories coming to us!

Stop by click the pic below:


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Origins 2016 Rogue Cthulhu Invitational

Those nutty folks over at Rogue Cthulhu are already hard at work prepping for 2016’s Rogue Cthulhu Invitational!  You can sign up at this handy link they provided and enjoy the fun at Origins in 2016!

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Special message to 黒扇娘娘的信使 (@zealotofBW)



Unfortunately entries will have to be in English, but don’t despair. We are looking into porting our content into multiple languages soon. I apologize for the poor google translation of this message. If we get enough requests though, expect to see me begging for translation volunteers! We actually tried to port the site to japanese back in 2002 but couldn’t find any interested volunteers.

With that all said, I welcome all the horrible things that you and your followers can bring us from Japanese folklore and mythology!

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Today we bring you a chilling little bit of flash fiction from a new writer. Just a man and a sound …

I woke with a start, my heart pounding in my chest. Breath came in fast, shallow panting. Was the sweat beading on my body from the strange dream, or did an actual sound cause me to sit up in fright, pulling covers to chin? I cocked an ear.

Lightning flashed along the low ceiling of heavy, dark clouds and a thunderclap shook the house. I cowered and a whimper escaped restricted throat muscles. The glowing clock on the nightstand flickered out. The room lighted only by a streetlamp reflecting off wet pavement. Puh-floosh.

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The OctoberNomicon Cometh

Expertly carved Jack O' Lantern

Jack O’ Lanterns by
Eric Freitas

It’s 2015 and that means a whole new October.. and as we all know around these parts.. that means a whole new OctoberNomicon!!  As such we’re asking YOU, our faithful readers to start thinking up horrors to inflict upon your fellow Cthulhu fans.  Continue reading »

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Too Many Jenkinses

jenkinToo Many Jenkinses (Brown Jenkins, part five)

soundtrack here
The place was a mess. The walls were covered in geometric designs, like an OCD-laden Pollock had been at work. Blue light streamed from the skylight, and there was a green mist in the air.
Worst of all, Brown Jenkin was still there, gnawing on a hambone.
“What the living fuck?” Shouted Nat. “What’s going on here?”
“You can’t get rid of me that easily,” said Jenkin around his bone. “They may be lean and athirst, but these angles will lead them astray.” Continue reading »

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PulpFest 2015

While won’t be in attendance (yet), PulpFest writes:

Join us Thursday, August 13th – Sunday, August 16th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio for PulpFest 2015. The theme this year is the Cthulhu Mythos and Weird tales. Normally this is more a literary con but this will be the first year for gaming, too.

We are starting off small since it is our first year for gaming but we will have the Clark room set aside for us. We will start gaming on the 14th. So far, I have lined up several groups to run a number of RPGs such as Call of Cthulhu and Pathfinder along with board gaming.

PulpFest is a convention for readers and collectors of the old adventure and SF magazines from the 1930s through the 1950s. These magazines are part of the foundation that gaming was created on. These stories started the stories of the Shadow, Doc Savage, Conan and featured the Cthulhu Mythos stories by H. P. Lovecraft along with a the works of writes like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

There are a number of authors reading their works and panels on different literary themes. Also, the dealers room is great and has a large variety of books, magazines, films and artwork. It is a lot smaller than Gen Con and Origins but like many small local cons, it has an atmosphere all its own

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