The Lantern Man

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I guess as an old man I would not be so susceptible to stories about the boogey man or monsters under my bed. But let me tell you, I had heard a whopper from Margaret the other night that is something that I cannot let go. It chills me thinking about it now. She told me that there was this guy named the Lantern Man that came to visit her in her dreams the other night and that he had told her that he wants my head so he could…how do I say….experience…no taste  my life.  I don’t know exactly what she meant but I have a good idea. You see only her head had come to visit me last night *Pulls out severed head*.”
~ Marcus Lomble- Quoted report after a complaint of insomnia while staying at the Ridgewood Hospice Care. Continue reading »

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Ayi’ Serpent Goddess of Mesoamerica

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Sheriff Charlie Fox hit a hard dirt packed floor with a thud that knocked the wind out of him. The darkness in the cavern was impenetrable. He had fell though some sort of hole in the strange mud brick floor. He had twisted his ankle a bit and it was very tender. Charlie shook his head trying to resort his thoughts after bouncing his head against the hard gritty surface. He tried to stand but the flesh of his foot just seemed to wiggle and not give him any stability. Great his ankle was broken. Well that should make it fun to get out of here!

He could hear a low rhythmic hum from off in the darkness, the more he listened the quieter in seemed. After listening for a few moments he thought he could hear it calling him deeper into the black inky tunnel. He shuffled his legs forward trying to get closer to the sound. He felt compelled to answer the voices call. His eyes began to adjust to the darkness and he could make out what appeared to be a stone handhold. He had almost pulled himself to his feet when he heard it more clearly this time. He reached out and his hand came into contact with a cloth surface it seemed rough like well worn denim. He pulled himself closer and he could barely make out an exposed leathery area of skin. It felt warm to his touch. Someone else must be down here also. Maybe together they could get out. He had pulled himself within inches of the figure when he was able to make out a bosom of hard leathery skin, baked with the desert heat. He could see stone like nipples on it’s chest. He saw the skin peel away as he outstretched his hand to reach the creatures shoulder. It’s breast seemed to open and disgorge a sleek and wet looking form of a serpentine bodied creature several feet long. Charlie was frozen in fear. The snake like creature opened it’s mouth and bit him. The pain was intense and he immediately could feel a burning sensation in his hand , up his arm and into his chest. His vision blurred and he passed out.

When he came to he could feel a mass of writhing serpents beneath him. He was on a bed of snakes of a variety of species. Above him watched a serpentine form with snakes for breasts. What appeared to be one head was a pair of deep green snakes writhing in some sort of rhythmic pattern. Charlie knew this was the last thing he would see. Slowly the light faded from his eyes and at least he couldn’t see the snakes begin to consume his flesh inch by inch. Unfortunately he would experience the excruciating pain. After hours of unbearable pain he faded from his mortal coil that was his life.

the last moments of Sheriff Charlie Foxes life.

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A Man to Purgatory, A Woman to Hell

About the Scenario – This adventure takes place on the island of Martinique, in early May of 1928. The story begins in the capital of Fort-De-France and should end in the mountains to the north, along the road leading to the city of St. Pierre. The title refers to a Martinique proverb, “L’homme est pour le purgatoire, la femme pour l’enfer”, which translates to “A Man to Purgatory, A Woman to Hell.” This means that men are punished for their sins but women are dammed for them. It involves a missing man, his vengeful mistresses, his wife, their secret, and La Diablesse, a creature of Martinique’s folklore.    Continue reading »

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La Diablesse

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These creatures begin as a normal human woman who are transformed and corrupted by dealings with various dark powers, most often The Black Man, avatar of the Outer God Nyarlathotep.  Their creation follows a dark pact, wherein the woman uses magic to secure the romantic attentions of a particular man. Her wish is granted but with a price. When the object of her affection dies, typically by a tragic accident shortly after her wish is fulfilled, her dark contract is fulfilled. The “accident” is always caused by the malevolent that made the pact; as such beings seldom play fair. The woman is transformed into an immortal creature cursed to lead men to their doom. Continue reading »

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It begins..

Howdy Denizens, Trollboy here.  October is going to be an absolutely insane time for us. Well.. more so than usual.   Continue reading »

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Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah)

Approximately 10 miles northwest of Rome lay the former Etruscan walled city of Veii. Located on a plateau overlooking the right bank of the Tiber, the region had been settled by successive cultures since the Late Bronze Age until finally being by conquered by the Romans in 396 B.C. Within this city can be found a unique cult called the Sororum ex Noëma (Sisters of Na’amah).  Ostensibly an offshoot of the female-only Bona Dea cult, which at first glance it closely resembles, it is in fact far older, predating the one in Rome by many years. Continue reading »

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The Cultists of Xuthltan

In a remote region of Provincia Pannonia (the province of Pannonia, encompassing parts of modern day Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) sits a village much hated by its neighbors. High in the mountains the village of Xuthltan is populated by peoples unrelated to anyone but themselves, a squat and stock, powerfully built race said to be mixed with the blood of the wild men of old. It is whispered they worship dark gods, practice black magic, summon demons and make human sacrifices before a tall black monolith. No one really knows what the truth is about Xuthltan, for outsiders who visit the village seldom return, and the few who do are usually insane. For the most part the people of Xuthltan keep to themselves and are shunned by the few outsiders who know of their existence.


However on certain nights of the year youths and children vanish from the villages surrounding Xuthltan are taken.  Some are forcible removed from their homes by raiders, others are snatched off trails via ambush, and no survivors of these attacks are ever found. The tracks from these attacks always lead back to Xuthltan, but the terrified locals do nothing. Their legends say that once the villagers tried to attack Xanthan, in revenge for such raids and to put down these degenerate sorcerers and devil worshippers once and for all. The attack ended in failure and now the villagers simply watch over their children, lock their doors, and keep weapons close at hand whenever the seasons begin to turn.

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Mantis Men, Lesser Independent Race

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“Triangular Head. Huge, slanted black eyes. Just like a Praying Mantis. It’s whole body was gangly, nobby…but you could still sense it was powerful, and no– I would not say it was a “Big Bug”– it was definitely humanoid despite the mantis/insect qualities…”
– Eyewitness Report, “The Musconetcong River “Mantis Man” Returns”, Continue reading »

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OctoberNomicon Art Contest: The Mantis Men

We’ve been secretive with the list of monsters so far, and that is no longer necessary. As such, as monsters are revealed, if they don’t already have art, we’ll be listing them here as available.  If at any time all currently revealed monsters have all their art shown, duplicates; other renditions of the monsters by other artists, will be accepted.   Continue reading »

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Advertise on!


A lot of the people that we run into, either in person, or through the blog, are creators in some way or another. That, combined with the niche that our blog studiously rests within, led us to adopt a new idea:
We’re going to offer up an advertisement program.
If you’ve noticed in the sidebars, we have examples of some of the advertisement options that we’re offering. Anyone that’s a creator, or has a product that’s Mythos or Weird Horror specific (You know…fits our website), is more than welcome to request a quote for a banner ad, Social Media ads, or a blog post advertising your creation.
Then you’ll be adding the visibility of every subscriber to your product’s potential.
That’s kinda awesome!
Interested? Email and request a quote. We’ll send you an email with your options and pricing.
Disclaimer: We have the right to refuse any ad placements that we deem don’t fit the concept of our site or might in some other way be just too offensive or weird. We’re pretty open-minded people, but even we have limits.

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