Bad Reception


A strange frequency. An elemental horror. A story unlike anything you’ve read.

The new sensation hurt. It was like cosmic radiation, but I experienced it in a new way. I was not used to this and did not like it. The strangest thing wasn’t that, but the new shapes which moved before me. I did not recognize the creature, but I knew it was like the things I’d experienced upon visiting other dimensions. It would be soft and fragile.

“It looks like we have a signal. We’re receiving something.”

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The Screen People


For your sick and twisted enjoyment today, brings you this all-too-plausible story of a man who sees the truth around him … and wants to do something about it.

Of course it all began before the coming of the Twenty-First Century, yet I will always associate it with the new Millennium. The printed circuit, for instance, is technology from the last century. So is fiber optics. And satellite communications. The components that go in to the manufacture of the millions and millions of touchscreens, the little interconnected computers that people carry with them everywhere, all of these owe their genesis to technology predating 9/11. And before that? Well, that’s where my madness began …

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Off the Rails

jenkinBrown Jenkins, part six

soundtrack here:Off the Rails

“I finally got shed of the pest somewhere around Chicago. Hopped off a freight train while he was stealing a few moments’ shuteye, rolled down a grassy hill into a rocky creek, and there I was, wet, bruised, but free. Continue reading »

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Horror & Weird writers! We want your stories!

We at ShoggotLovecraft and want to get your creepy or spooky or funny or Weird or Lovecraftian or any or all of the above kinds of stories out into world to be read by thousands!

Send your awesome stories of any length to us at submissions@shoggoth net. We take one-time publication rights and then everything is back to you! We love to do reprints, experimental stories, bizarro, you name it!

And don’t worry … like the Old Gent from Providence himself, we will take very good care of your eldritch babies.


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Yes, Wonderful Things


Sometimes you hear about eerie stories that “They don’t write ’em like they used to.” Well, please allow us to present Exhibit A of the defense. It riffs on the Egyptian tales Lovecraft used to write, sometimes under his byline, sometimes under another’s. But notice how the author sidesteps pastiche and makes this tale all his own.

“This is your office for the summer. You are expected to keep it useful and you are expected to keep it tidy. As it is now yours, it will belong to another after you leave.”

“I understand,” said Sarah. She resisted the urge to check if she had tracked any desert dust in on her shoes.

“Welcome to Cairo Museum.”

“Thank you. I’m really thrilled to be here.”

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PulpCon Rogue Cthulhu Schedule


Those Ne’er do wells at Rogue Cthulhu are at it again; this time bringing madness & horror to Pulp Fest 2015 in Columbus, Ohio! Their schedule is after the fold:

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World War Cthulhu: Cold War for the Call of Cthulhu RPG

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The Sedefkar Simulacrum

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Call of Cthulhu: At Darkest Tides Revived

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Shrine Of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Wall Sculpture- Monster Sized!

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