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Weeping Larva

“The season changing seems to draw people here to the bridge.  Is it the view of the wooded landscape or is it something else?  The Spring brings winds of new hopes and opportunities; the Autumn slowly closes the door on the year, and one remembers loved ones and reflects inward. 

“This rural county has one well-known bridge, where people swear, they hear the wailing cries of a baby said to have perished decades ago.  It hides on this abandoned road located in the west of the county, now taken over by age and the elements, and here lays the remains of a rusted bridge crossing the creek in the hills.  The changes of the seasons draw them here where people claim to hear the eerie cries of a child late at night; hence, the name the Crybaby Bridge or Wailing’s Crossing.  Cries reportedly can be heard late in the night and wailing can bring a person to tears and the trees begin to sway in despair.  

“The legend can be traced back to the 1920’s when the newly constructed bridge was the scene of tragedy.  A family of 3, father, mother and daughter were picnicking in a field near the newly constructed bridge.  The family never returned home, eventually the father and mother were found just outside the picnicking area both were horribly slaughtered and tied to the base of the bridge.  The daughter was never found.

“Rumors also have it that every 3 or 4 years a person or a couple visit the bridge and never return.  Investigations suggest they may have fallen into the creek and were washed away downstream.  Yet, every year this area draws new visitors to view the hillside, hope and reflect.”

*—Jane Wickens, WCTH (last recorded message before leaving to investigate the county bridge)

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