The Repairer

It was a shoggoth alright. Not the biggest, but huge. Weird colors for one, tan, brown, plus the typical green. Eyes, mouths, other organs, the standard crap. It was in this giant aquarium, really thick glass, I don’t know why it didn’t just crawl out.
The bugs were there, just like we expected. Just the dumb ones thank God, workers. There were a pile of naked human bodies. They put one of them on a conveyer belt, which took it up and fed it into the shoggoth. Didn’t make any sense, so we waited and watched.
After about half an hour, the guy surfaced on the other side of the tank, I swear to God, dry as a bone. He didn’t have a drop of shoggoth on him. One of the worker MiGo helped him out, and down to the floor.
He went in shot to shit and dead as a doornail. Now, there he stood, smiling and looking down at himself, not a scratch.
We had Jim with us, Jim’s body I mean. We had Jim, and he was dead. Jim was dead.

Agent of Project Star: Name, Rank, and Specialty redacted.
The Repairer (Art by Rob Carlos)

The Repairer is a huge mass of shifting, gurgling, very thick fluid: brown, tan, and green. As with most shoggoths, it is constantly forming and un-forming mouths and eyes of various sizes and distortions. Quite often, the mouths are filled with huge, sharp teeth. It is constantly speaking the thoughts of all humans who have been immersed in it, which is hundreds at least.

The Repairer is held in a huge, square, glass tank, which is made of six-inch thick glass, ten feet on a side, and open on top. The tank rests on a platform five feet high and twelve feet on a side. A conveyer belt runs to the platform, laterally, then upwards at a forty-five degree angle, just to the top edge of the tank. The Repairer is genetically designed to have no desire to leave this environment. However, if the tank is broken, the Repairer gains free will.

Human collaborators of the mi-go, who have been killed, are fed naked into the oozing embrace of the Repairer to be reborn. They are placed onto the conveyor belt, from which they slide in without a splash.

The bodies of these people remain in the Repairer for half an hour, during which the creature examines their DNA, and brings them back to life in the same condition they were at the time of their death, minus any injuries or scars. They retain any congenital defects.

Once repaired and alive, the subject emerges on the opposite side of the tank, completely free of any Repairer substance. Here they are helped out, and down onto the floor. The Repairer is intended to be used on humans, but will re-animate any Earthly animal life.

Being restored in this manner causes a Sanity loss of 1D6/1D10.

If anyone is so foolish as to lean over the edge of the tank to look at the Repairer, it will lunge at them with some of its mass.

THE REPAIRER, foul granter of life


Hit Points:
Damage Bonus:
Magic Points:



Attacks per round: 1

Lunge and crush 20%, damage equals DB
Dodge 0%


Armor: None; halve damage caused by fire and electrical, attacks; mundane weapons (incl. bullets) deal only 1 point of damage per hit; regenerates 2 hit points per round (death at zero hit points).
Spells: none.
Sanity Loss: 1D6/1D20

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