Shoggoth o’ War

Alternative Names: jellyfish shoggoth, shoggoth of the deep, bane of Davy Jones’ Locker.

The shoggoth o’ war is likely an Elder Thing creation, devised in one of the underwater Elder Thing cities where few can survive. This variety of shoggoth is likely still in the service of the Elder Things as it is a simple thing compared to its other brethren. While the original shoggoth was taking from the body of Ubbo-Sathla, there are rumors that this variety may have more in common with Great Cthulhu, though that is mere speculation and no evidence has been found. The common theory is that these shoggoths were combined with whatever Mythos material was used and prehistoric jellyfish.

The shoggoth o’ war is made up of a clear elastic substance known as mesoglea, the same substance that make up jellyfish. While the shoggoth o’ war may look as it if is made out of water, due to the transparent nature of the monster, it actually has a crude nervous system. The nervous system is easy to see in the dark, looking like neon lights which makes it easier to spot in areas with little light. During the daylight, it is almost invisible in the water though. This nervous system is how the creature can be controlled, the Elder Things have the ability to send pulses of energy from their tools into the creature to control it. Certain spells may also a sorcerer to exert control over the shoggoth o’ war. Without control, the shoggoth o’ war is content to lurk and hunt, attacking anything it might decide is prey. 


Ocean Dwelling: The shoggoth o’ war, unlike its more complex brethren, is not amphibious. Each round it is out of the water, the shoggoth o’ war loses 1D20 CON as it starts to dry out. This CON loss may be doubled if it is trapped in an extremely hot area. If it reaches 0 CON, it shrivels up and dies. If it returns to saltwater, it regains 1D10 CON per round until all CON has been restored.

Stinger: Similar to its jellyfish cousins, the shoggoth o’ war has a nasty sting it delivers to prey in an attempt to stun them. If stung, an investigator should make a Hard CON roll. If they fail the roll, their muscles seize up and the prey finds itself unable to move. At the end of each round, the Hard CON roll can be repeated, allowing the investigator to move. The venom naturally wears off in 2D4 rounds. A Medicine check can cut this time in half. If the investigator fumbles their CON check to avoid, or break free, of paralysis they go into anaphylaxtic shock which causes 1D6 damage per round until the investigator receives a successful Medicine or Science (Pharmacy) check to administer the proper drugs, or the investigator finally makes a successful Hard CON roll.

Stealth Predator: Due to its transparent nature, in daylight (or water with proper lighting) the shoggoth o’ war gains an advantage die on all Stealth checks as it blends in with the water. At night, or in deep dark water, it gains a disadvantage die due to the neon light that radiates from its nervous system.

SHOGGOTH O’ WAR, deep seas predator


20D6 × 5
12D6 × 5
12D6 × 5
12D6 × 5
1D6 × 5
2D6 × 5


Average Hit Points: 36
Average Damage Bonus: +6D6
Average Build: 7
Average Magic Points: 7
Move: 10 swimming

Attacks per round: 2 (typically 1 sting and an engulf)
Engulf: Once a victim is paralyzed, the shoggoth o’ war attempts to engulf its prey. The victim must make an opposed STR roll otherwise it is sucked apart by the monster. The shoggoth o’ war only engulfs one victim at a time, the victim may make a STR check to fight back while engulfed or try to escape with another opposed STR check. Each round they are engulfed, they lose hit points equal to the shoggoth o’ war’s damage bonus.

Fighting 70% (36/14) attempts to either sting or engulf if its prey is paralyzed)
Dodge 8% (4/1)

Stealth 75%, Swim 100%.

Armor: regenerates 1 hit point a round, takes double damage from electricity and fire and only 1 point of damage from physical weapons.
Spells: None.
Sanity Loss: 1D3/1D10 sanity points to see a shoggoth o’ war. It is commonly mistaken for a large jellyfish by those who make their sanity checks.

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