The Great He-Goat

“…a thing all over hairy, all the face hayry & a long nose & I don’t know how to tell you the face looks w’ith two Leggs itt goeth upright & is about two or three foot high & goeth upright like a man…” – Elaine G. Breslaw, “Tituba’s Confession: The Multicultural Dimensions of the 1692 Salem Witch-Hunt,” published in Ethnohistory Vol. 44, No 3 (Summer 1997). 

Alternative names: Great God Pan, Husband to Witches, Witch King.

This mask of Nyarlathotep takes the shape of a goat with the hands and feet of a man, walking upright. A crown of flowers in constant bloom adorns his horns. In this form, he is the mate of the Black Goat of the Woods and her high priest (von Juntz, 1839). 

The being is held in reverence by witches that worship Mythos gods, especially those that follow the Black Goat. He is often called to lead sabbats, forcing followers to dance until they collapse from exhaustion. Such sabbats often involve a willing sacrifice giving themselves over to the He-Goat’s urges. Often these ritualized matings descend into frenzied orgies. 

A goat sitting cross-legged like a person, arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture. Despite its goat-like body, its hands and feet are a man's. A pair of horns rise up from its head. A crown of flowers sits on the horns, right above the head.
Witch King by Brad Hicks

Habitat: The darkest and most twisted evil-haunted forests. 

Distribution: The Great He-Goat may appear where he pleases, though his only recorded appearances are in North America and Europe. 

Life and Habits: The He-Goat only exists when it is called upon to participate in witches’ sabbats. Phases of the moon, dreams, and human reproductive cycles may place some role in when followers summon him (Broughton, 1929). Witches also use powerful hallucinogens to communicate with the god to learn his lustful desires.

As his mate, the Black Goat is the embodiment of abominable fecundity, the He-Goat is the embodiment of malignant virility. It seems he has no purpose, desire, or goal aside from the fulfillment of his urges (Broughton, 1929). The sacrifices and orgies often result in monstrous offspring. 

The Great He-Goat, king of witches


Hit Points: 15

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Build: 1

Magic Points: 20

Move: 8


Attacks per round: 2 (horns).

In combat, the Great He-Goat gores opponents with his horns. 

Fighting80% (40/18), damage 2D6 + damage bonus 
Dodge40% (17/7)

Armor: None. All attacks do minimum damage. Killing the Great He-Goat dispels him. If sufficiently angered, he may transform into another aspect of Nyarlathotep when killed. 

Spells: The Great He-Goat knows all Mythos spells. 

Sanity Loss: 1D4/2D10 to encounter the Great He-Goat

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