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The bogey-owl is a fragment of magical energy created by ritual contemplation of (or worship of) certain Great Old Ones or Outer Gods: Byatis, Mormo, Nyarlathotep, and Shub-Niggurath especially. As these beings shred the consciousness and sanity of their perceiver, the magical potential “charged” by both the sorcerer-worshiper and the god or titan takes on a shadowy form, usually that of a humanoid-seeming owl. (Cases of bogey-dogs are the second most common, followed by bogey-ravens, bogey-cats, and occasionally bogey-children.) While its maker remains conscious and linked to the world, the bogey-owl usually remains connected to him, and (it is said) can even provide spells or other lore from the Outside if questioned correctly.


It’s when the maker dies, gets carried off the Earth, or becomes inhuman enough in its mentality to sever the connection that the bogey-owl is “freed.” At which point, its only way to return to the cosmic god that powered its formation is to convince someone else to seek out eldritch lore. Usually, after a period of contemplation (or “haunting”) in the sorcerer’s former abode it detects or decides on a new target related by blood to its maker: ideally someone young enough to be molded into the correct worship. But occasionally, a bogey-owl latches onto an unwary intruder into or investigator of its haunting, especially if her mind is open: e.g., if she loses a good chunk of SAN while near it.

Image is a old (1920's era) print of a young child being chased down a hallway by the shadow of a manshaped creature with wings on it's back and an owl like head.

Public Domain image of the Bogey Owl
Source: Unknown
Supplied by author

Then, the bogey-owl simply begins appearing to its new target. It starts as shadowy figures in the night, then hallucinations during hypnagogic, drugged, or other fringe-stable states, then as waking hallucinations. Only its victim can see it, although the Voorish Sign or psychic vision can reveal it to those who use such methods. Its goal is to force its own investigation, ideally by driving its victim into Mythos research. If the target is too young at first, the bogey-owl disappears until after puberty or college graduation or hospitalization or some other life change, and tries again. It may plant rumors of rituals to destroy or exorcise it in its victim’s mind (“I know I read it somewhere”) to entice its victim to read a certain tome or travel to a certain place or join a certain cult.


It can only be physically harmed (or seen by anyone besides its victim) in the Dreamlands: if its victim travels there, it can be fought and killed. But a Dreamer is halfway to being a Mythos devotee, so it’s kind of a pyrrhic victory all around.


Sorcerers being unstable types, they claim the bogey-owl can also inhabit or possess earthly owls.


The Bogey-Owl, Jungian Egregor
Char Rolls Avg
STR 4D6 14
CON 4D6 14
SIZ viewer’s SIZ+2D6
INT 2D6 7
POW 2D6+12 19
DEX 4D6 14

Move: 8/12 flying HP: 14

Av. Dam. Bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Claws 50%, damage 1D6 + db

Armor: Only vulnerable to psychic or magical attacks, except in the Dreamlands, where it has 3-point armor from its overlapping feathers.

Skills: Find and Follow You 100%, Move Silently 100%, Vanish 100%

Spells: Any the Keeper wishes, either absorbed from its original maker or from Nyarlathotep
SAN Loss: 1/1D8

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