Sharer of Pain: Lesser Independant Race

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A couple of us had already felt the impact of magic, like simultaneously being punched with a thousand needles and electrocuted, so we were pretty worried when the dying sorcerer laid that curse on Tom. At least we managed to kill the bastard: turns out wizards burn just fine when doused with gasoline.

After several months passed, we thought maybe it had failed. One day, we’re walking in the woods and Tom convulses, clutches his head and screams ‘Curse! The curse!’ About twenty feet in front of us it looks like heat distortion and this thing comes running out of it. It looked like a naked man, but all shriveled and dirty and it was screaming bloody murder.

I shot it with my .45 and felt a terrible pain in my gut. Next thing I know, my friends are waking me up and this thing is a stinking, bubbling mass and evaporating.

–Excerpt from the memoirs of Franklin Meiers, investigator of unusual phenomena.

A Sharer of Pain is a creature which exists as one of the possible results of a curse.  This creature appears as a naked, filthy, emaciated human, with an expression of absolute anguish twisting its face, and perpetually screams in a terrible, soul-wrenching manner.  Its existence is the result of a Curse, and it will appear out of nowhere to attacked the subject of the Curse until either they are dead or the Sharer of Pain is destroyed.

Share Pain: In addition to the attacks described below, the Sharer of Pain causes harm to those who injure it. Anyone harming a Sharer of Pain, whether in melee or at range, incurs 1 hit point of damage, and experiences a sharp, terrible pain in the same location as they hurt the Sharer of Pain. They also must succeed at a CON x3 roll, or drop anything they are holding and pass out for 1D4-1 combat rounds (minimum zero). It is impossible to not cry out in pain when this occurs, unless the character is incapable of uttering sound.

If the Sharer of Pain is reduced to zero hit points, it melts into a stinking, viscous mass within a few minutes. Within a few minutes more it will evaporate, leaving no trace. The only way to retain a sample is to immediately freeze it. If at any point the temperature of the sample rises to above 32̊ F (0̊ C), it evaporates immediately, leaving no trace.

If analyzed while frozen, this substance proves to be made of protein (built from amino acids), fatty acids, collagen, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. These are the same substances that constitute human flesh.

If the cursed person manages to escape the Sharer of Pain, it will show up again in the near future. The only ways to be fully rid of it are to destroy it or to Bless the person who is Cursed. What constitutes a Blessing and a Curse is at the Keeper’s discretion.

Sharer of Pain

STR 18
CON 40
INT 11
POW 10
DEX 16
Move 9
HP 25/

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Fighting Knife 60%, damage 1D4+2+db, this weapon has 15 hit points and is a magic weapon. However, if subsequently used by a human, any successful attack causes the same harm described above, exactly as if the attacker had harmed a Sharer of Pain.

Grapple 60% (p. 68), damage Choke (suffocation as per the Drowning, Suffocation rules, p. 57). Pages references are per 6th edition rule book.

Armor: None.

Spells: None.

Skills: None. A Sharer of Pain never attempts to dodge an attack.

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4.

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