The Succo were rare even at the height of Stygia’s power, but now only a few remain. These creatures began as the issue of unholy unions between human sorcerers and priests and the Great Old One Atlach-Nacha. They appear to be enormous spiders with a vaguely human like face amid their eight eyes and fangs (females often with long hair, males often with facial hair), and human-like hands at the end of their first pair of legs. These hands are too feeble to wield a weapon, but can be used for fine work, such as opening doors, using fine tools, tying and untying knots, or writing messages on paper of wax tablets. They can speak but only in whispers,
although they can scream and screech quite loudly when enraged.

These creatures can see perfectly well in total darkness, and sense their surroundings within sixty feet through vibration alone. It makes them very hard to surprise, imposing 2 penalty dice on Stealth rolls against them. They weave webs high off the ground which are often massive in size. Here is where they lair and feed, hauling their victims up into their webs after cocooning them.

In combat they can deliver fearsome bite with their long, poisonous fangs with drip a deadly Strong (2D10) venom. They can also hurl a ball of sticky webs 30 yards once every six combat rounds using their powerful rear legs. This ball of webs acts as superior nets (with a penalty dice) if they strike a victim. Unlike nets the silken strands cannot be cut, but must be burned or washed off with alcohol.

Each Succo knows between 1-3 spells, which they use to hunt, hide, and defend their lairs. A few of their creatures (20%) even wield ancient enchanted items from Stygia. Such items are usually protective charms placed upon rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

Females in Breeding Season
Female Succo have an additional attack, a gland which allows them so spray a jet of paralytic venom from between their mandibles. This venom can reach a distance of 15 yards, is considered a Mild Poison (1D10) and can be employed just three times per day (if the victim fails their CON check they are paralyzed for 1D10 hours). This venom is only produced when these creatures are laden with eggs (25% chance). Female Succo paralyze victims to feed their young, laying an egg on their still living victims, and then cocooning them for storage. The Succo spiderling then feeds off the victim, growing quickly as the victim weakens, for about four days. After this time the victim is dead and the young Succo is ready to molt its skin and become an adult. Female Succo can produce 1D6 eggs per breeding season, which lasts only about three mounts each year.

Succo, Stygian Whispering Spiders.
char. averages rolls
STR 110 (3D6+18 x5)
CON 85 (2D6+6 x5)
SIZ 120 (6D6+12 x5)
DEX 70 (3D6+6 x5)
INT 60 (3D6)
POW 80 (3D6+6 x5)
HP: 23
Average Damage Bonus: +2D6
Average Build: 3
Average Magic Points: 16
Move: 12

Attacks per round: 1
Fighting Attacks: Bite, Hurl Web, or Spit Venom (only in females, and only a 1 in 4 chance). Fighting (Bite) 60% (30/12) damage 1D6+ damage bonus + Strong poison (2D10, ½ if victim makes an Extreme Con Check.

Fighting (Web-Net) 50% (25/10) damage as Net with penalty dice to victim’s ability to free themselves.

Fighting (Venom Spittle) 40% (20/8) no damage but Mild paralytic poison (1D10, and paralysis for 1D10 hours if fail con paralyzed for 1D10 hours)

Armor: 3 point of hard carapace
Skills: Dodge 40%, Stealth 60%, Track 50%,
Spells: 1d3 of Keeper’s choice
Sanity Loss: 0/1D8 sanity points for seeing a Succo.

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