The Ordentani, Lesser Servitor Race

Once a species of early human, these creatures were driven underground by waves of invaders. In the dark depths of the earth they slowly transformed into a race perfectly suited to a life below the surface of the earth. They appear as grey skinned humanoids, with large black eyes, scraggly white hair, busy eyebrows, and thick beards. They are squat of build, standing at most five feet tall, with broad muscular shoulders. Ordantani see perfectly well in total darkness, but full daylight is now nearly blinding to them. However they suffer no ill effects from torch light, lamps, or diffused sunlight.

Through dealing with dark gods and mystical arts their race is essentially immortal, free from aging or illness. They can still die, through injuries resulting from violence or accidents. The tradeoff for this is that Ordentani now possess a very low birthrate. Most tribes of these creatures number about a hundred individuals.

The Ordentani are master miners, armorers and smiths. They are able to create superior weapons forged from rare and fantastic materials, blended into alloys unknown on the surface world. Each member of their race is trained in war, armed with superior weapons (typically a hammer or pick axe) and wears incredibly durable yet light weight armor (usually a suit of chain links and helmet). They are skilled at ambush and stealth attacks, moving silently though the shadows. They even had a language of hand gestures, allowing them to coordinate attacks in total silence.

Most tribes worship adult Chthonians, whom they consider gods. Tribes usually do their best to make sure their Chthonian it is unmolested by the outside world. In return the Chthonian advise the Ordentani where to find ore, water and food, and warns them of coming danger. Some tribes make similar arrangements with Great Old Ones such as Tsathoggua, Oorn, and Shlithneth.

Very rarely a tribe of Ordentani makes contact with individuals or small communities on the surface world. Most times this means trading, with each side leaving goods for the other at a drop off point, an underground spring near the surface. The Ordentani typically leave gemstones or finely crafted weapons in return for large quantities of wool, cheese, milk, honey, fruit, and other luxury items unobtainable in the mountain depths

The Ordentani, The Shadow Dwarves.
Char. Averages rolls
STR 70 (4D6 x 5)
CON 85 (5D6 x 5)
SIZ 50 (2D6+3 x 5)
DEX 65 (3D6 x 5)
INT 50 (3D6+6 x 5)
POW 70 (4D6 x 5)
HP 18
Av. Damage Bonus: +1D4
Average Build: +1
Average Magic Points: 14
Move 12

Attacks per round: 1
Fighting attacks: Typically a hammer, pick-axe, or hurled dart.
Fighting 55% (27/11), damage 1D3+DB or by weapon type (Hammer or pick axe damage 1D8+db, Dart
Dodge: 40% (20/8)
Armor: 6 total (4 point of black chain armor & 2 point of helmet).
Skills: Art 70% (any two – smelting, armory, weapon smith, mining) 70%, Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 60%, Stealth 75%.
Sanity Loss: 0/1D4 Sanity Points to see an Ordentani
Habitat: the Mountains of Hispania Tarraconensis, Germania Superior, Germania Inferior, Dacia,Dalmatia, Pannonia Superior, Pannonia Inferior, and Noricum

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