Nemean Lion

These extremely dangerous guardian creatures were created by the wizards of Lomar, to guard the lands of their estates. While the secrets of their creation and the ability to control or command them has been lost to history, those scholars who know of the Fallen Kingdoms and the Shadow War surmise that such monsters were created by magically cross breeding a terrestrial lion with certain unknown extraterrestrial mythos creatures. Luckily, they cannot breed, and no new Nemean lions have been created in millennia. Unfortunately, they are incredibly dangerous, immortal unless slain through violence, and nearly indestructible.

These creatures appear as unusually large lions (they always appear to be male), with glittering golden fur and a thick majestic mane. Their claws and teeth are black as ebony, and their sharp eyes hint at a fiendish intellect. Their hide, teeth, and claws are enchanted. Their teeth and claws can piece the skin of creatures only affected by magical weapons. Their hides are impenetrable to anything other than an enchanted weapon, and are also fire-proof. While a Nemean lion is affected by heat, their fur does not
burn, so fire is not an effective weapon against them.

In combat, they typically stalk and kill any sentient beings in their range, which is usually the area they were ordered to protect by their long dead masters. Such places are generally within a five mile radius of an ancient lost Lomarian ruin, tomb, or vault. The attack of a Neman lion is so deadly that most creatures are killed within seconds of encountering one of these creatures. They are cunning enough to hunt their prey, picking off stragglers and whittling down the numbers of larger groups.

If one can manage to slay a Nemean lion, and in all recorded human history (mythology) only one person ever has (the “demi-god” Hercules), the creature’s body can be used to construct magical weapons and armor. Unfortunately, this would still require the use of various enchantment spells and the abilities of a master armorer and/or weapon smith. The only way to skin a Nemean lion without the use of an enchanted blade is by using the creature’s own claws.

Nemean Lion
Char Average Roll
STR 140 (3D6+18 X 5)
CON 90 (5D6 X 5)
SIZ 90 (5D6 X 5)
DEX 105 (1D6+18 X 5)
INT 50 (3D6 X 5)
POW 80 (3D6+6 X 5)
Hit Points: 18
Avg. Damage Bonus: 2D6
Avg. Build: 3
Avg. Magic Points: 16
Move: 12

Attacks per round: 1
Fighting Attacks: Much like a standard lion, these deadly predators have very sharp claws and teeth, but theirs can even affect creatures usually harmed only by enchanted weapons. They may also use a wrestling maneuver to knock opponents prone and pin them.

Fighting 75% (47/15) damage 2D8 + damage bonus Pin (mnvr) topples victim to a prone position and pin them against the ground while attacking.

Dodge: 40%
Armor: Immune to fire and non-magical weapons, 3 points of thick fur vs. magical weapons.
Skills: Climb 80%, Jump 65%, Listen 65%, Stealth 60%, Swim 45%, Track 70%.
Sanity Loss: 0/1D4 points to see a Nemean Lion

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