This creature is found far north of the Antonine Wall in the wilds of Caledonia, land of the savage Picts. It is greatly feared in those lands but mostly unknown in other countries. Legends tell that these creatures are created when a normal snake’s head is cut off. If the dying snake finds it’s severed heat the two halves can be rejoined, and the snake then transforms into the dreaded Beithir. It is often called The Lightning Serpent, as the creatures are most often seen after thunder storms.

Beithir can reach lengths of about twenty feet, but most adults’ average about fourteen. They dwell in caves and valleys, often near rivers or lakes. Their scales can be an ice blue white, a deep blue, or a purple so dark it appears to be almost black. They have no appendages like true snakes. However, they are quite different from true serpents. Beithir have many curved teeth in addition to a pair of powerful fangs. Adults have a pair of small curved horns atop their head, and a single row of small spines down the first third of its body. Unlike snakes they have ears; small openings on either side of their skull protected by a pair of scaly frills. Lastly, a Beithir has a venomous tail, capable of delivering a deadly sting, and a set of internal organs which can store (but not produce) electricity.

Poison Sting – The poison of a Beithir is quite lethal (4D10 points of damage) and fast acting, taking full effect in about two minutes. The Picts have discovered a way to reduce its deadliness. Victim of a Beithir sting who can reach a source of natural water (a lake, stream, river, ocean or
that like) and immerse the wound before the venom reduce the effects to that of a Mild venom (1D10), and are granted a Bonus Dice to their resistance roll. Bitten victim must make an Extreme CON check, with a success reducing their damage by half. Unfortunately Beithir have realized this as well and will try to prevent a victim from reaching water before their venom takes effect.

Lightning – Beithir have a special connection to lighting. Most venture out into a thunderstorm to absorb the electrical energy in the air. They can then store this energy inside their bodies, and then discharge it through their fangs. They can only do this 1D3 times, depending on the length and severity of the most recent Thunderstorm. Lastly, Beithir are immune to the harmful effects of electricity, and can survive a full lightning strike unharmed (with a full charge to their batteries).

Victims unlucky enough to be bitten by a Beithir, who chooses to expend one of their charges, suffer not only the regular damage from the bite (1D6+db) but also a Deadly (2D10) shock of electricity (as an Other Form of Damage, CON checks do nothing to reduce this damage). While Beithir hunt with their poison stinger, they defend themselves from attack with their electrically charged bites. These powerful electric bites are how they fight for dominance and territory, and in courtship rituals, amongst others of their kind.

Immortality / Regeneration – So long as a Beithir has at least one stored charge in its body it does not age (after reaching adulthood) and may heal from injury very rapidly. A Beithir can heal 5 HP per hour if allowed to rest, and this ability does not drain a charge of its internal battery. A Beithir will only discharge its final charge as a last resort. Due to this ability and possibly infinite lifespan, female Beithir only breeds once every century or two.

Origin – A Beithir is not a terrestrial creature, but an alien predator summoned to earth by the Hyperborean millennia ago. For what reason they were brought to this world, and exactly how they broke free of their masters to roam the wilds of Caledonia is unknown. However they are
often found near the ruins of Hyperborean temples, shrines, libraries, and laboratories.

In Later Periods – Beithir can still be found in caves and valleys, near bodies of water and Hyperborean ruins, in Scotland. Unfortunately they are sometimes drawn to downed powerlines, portable generators, or other artificial sources of electricity in an effort to recharge their internal

Beithir, The Lightning Serpents
Char. Averages rolls
STR 95 (2D6+12 x 5)
CON 80 (3D6+6 x 5)
SIZ 100 (4D6+6 x 5)
DEX 65 (2D6+6 x 5)
INT 50 (3D6 x 5)
POW 50 (3D6 x 5)
HP 18
Av. Damage Bonus: +1D6
Average Build: +2
Average Magic Points: 10
Move 6 / 4 swimming

Attacks per round: 2
Fighting attacks: Beithir can attack with both their stingers and bites in the same round.

Sting: Injects a lethal venom (4D10), which takes effect in 2 minutes. Immersing the wound in water before the poison’s onset time reduces potency to Mild (1D10) and victim gains a bonus dice to their CON check.

Electrical Bite: If discharged the creature’s bite delivers a Deadly (2D10 points of damage) shock. Beithir can only do this 1D3 times before needing to recharge. These creatures are also immune to electricity.

Fighting; Bite 45% (22/9), damage 1D6+DB + possible electric charge.
Fighting; Sting 60% (30/12), damage 1D3+DB + Poison
Dodge: 40% (20/8)

Armor: 3-point thick scales.
Skills: Listen 60%, Spot Hidden 50%, Swim 60%, Stealth 40%.
Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 for Sanity points to see a Beithir

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