Octobernomicon, Oct 14: Beast in the Cave

They were black, those eyes, deep jetty black, in
hideous contrast to the snow-white hair and flesh.
Like those of other cave denizens, they were deeply sunken in their
orbits, and were entirely destitute of iris.
As I looked more closely, I saw that they were set in a face less
prognathous than that of the average ape, and
infinitely less hairy. The nose was quite distinct. As we gazed
upon the uncanny sight presented to our vision, the
thick lips opened, and several sounds…sounds
uttered by the stricken figure that lay stretched out on
the limestone had told us the awesome truth. The
creature I had killed, the strange beast
of the unfathomed cave, was, or had at one time been a man!

– HP Lovecraft, the Beast in the Cave

Beast in the Cave, Lesser Independent Race

These are the devolved descendents of those people who long ago ventured into Mammoth Cave, and did not see fit to come back out. Perhaps they became lost, and were driven insane by the silent blackness of the depths. The Beasts resemble more naked, ablino apes than they do men, and move alternatively on two or four feet. The Beasts are little more than animals now, worshipping no gods, and having retained only the most rudimentary of languages. The Beasts live out silent, solitary lives, coming together only to mate or attack a common threat. They prey upon the sightless fish and insects that make their homes in the caverns, but will also slack their hunger and lusts on any lost traveller they happen upon. As more and more visitors come to Mammoth Cave each year, the Beasts are pushed deeper into the unexplored regions; it is only a matter of time before the Beasts begin to defend their territory from the intruders.

Adapted to the sunless caves, their eyes absorb darkness like ours’ absorb light. They fear light of any magnitude, from the faintest match-flame, to the blinding glare of the sun. Therefore, they are rarely seen near the surface, and will flee before any explorer with a lantern. Bright light causes them excrutiating pain, but does no real harm.

Beasts in the Cave, Devolved Humanity

Char. – rolls – avg.
STR – 3d6+3 – 13-14
CON – 3d6 – 10-11
SIZ – 2d6+3 – 10
INT – 1d6 – 3-4
POW – 3d6 – 10-11
DEX – 2d6+6 – 13

Mov 8 – HP 10

Av. Damage Bonus: 0

Bite 35%, damage 1d4 + db
Claws 35%, damage 1d6 + db
Pounce 40%, damage grapple. On next round, a Beast may both bite and claw a target, at 85%

Armor: None

Spells: None

Skills: Climb 85%, Dodge 45%, Hide from Light 90%, Listen 90%, Sneak 70%

Sanity Loss: 0/1d8 to see a Beast in the Cave

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