October 10th: The Popobawa

The Popobawa Artist Unknown

The Popobawa
Artist Unknown

I woke up frightened. It’s if I knew to be afraid even before I saw the monster. It lopped from the shadows on all fours, planting its wings and swinging its back legs forward. Not like a bat moves, but like a gorilla, you know? But it was a bat, and a man, with one big gleaming eye in the center of its face, right on top of that disgusting grin. I just got sense it was happy I saw it, happy I was afraid, and when it took me, happy I was in pain. It forced me to keep eye-contact until I passed out. – anonymous Popobawa survivor, as told in John Leek Hansen’s Dark and Dangerous Entities from Around the World.

The Mapopobawa (singular: Popobawa) behave as a sentient sexually transmitted disease that only affects men. They may be responsible for the stories of the incubus and succubus of medieval folklore, and Pazuzu of Mesopotamian myth. Sufferers of the disease will find the monster manifesting in their bedrooms, where it will attempt to sodomize them. Mapopobawa grow tired of their victims after just one attack, and threaten to continue the attacks every night until the victim tells others. Simply hearing or reading about a popobawa attack is enough to become infected.

Some sorcerers in East Africa know of curses that infect men with the disease. Corrupt politicians in the region will target their opponents with these curses. Certain charms and rites may protect the infected from attacks, and in some cases cure victims of the disease.

The Violation: If a man hears or reads about a Popobawa attack, they must make a POW x 5 roll. On failure, they are infected. Within 2d6 nights, a popobawa will appear near the sleeping victim and attack. The attack drains 1d4 magic points per round, until the victim either fights off the creature or escapes. During the struggle, the victim takes 1d4 – half (minimum 1 hp) damage per round. Throughout the attack, the popobawa will threaten the victim to tell others. Reduced to 0 magic points the victim loses consciousness, and the popobawa releases him. Those trying to help the victim will find themselves at the end of the monster’s nasty teeth and claws.

Mapopobawa, the Disease

char – rolls – avg
STR 5d6 17-18
CON 3d6 10-11
SIZ 3d6 10-11
INT 3d6 10-11
POW 4d6 14
DEX 3d6 10-11

Mov 5/20 flying – HP 7
Av. Damage Bonus: +1d6

Weapons: Violation 70%, damage special, see above
Claw 80% 1d6 + db
Bite 60% 1d4 + db

Armor: None, but normal weapons cause minimum damage.

Spells: None.

Sanity Loss: 1/1d10 to see a Popobawa, 1/2d6 to be victim of an attack.

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