Eldritch Usurper

These mysterious creatures are the tragic end product of most Eldritch Symbiont rituals. They are formed when the dark entity allowed into a sorcerer’s body eventual takes full control over their physical form. At this point none of the host’s former intellect or humanity remains, leaving behind only the Eldritch Usurper, which now possessed the one thing it most desired, a physical form upon this reality. 

Eldritch Usurper
Eldritch Usurper by Gabriela Luz

In appearance these creatures appear as humanoid figures with smooth jet black leathery skins, and four 12-foot-long tendrils emerging from it’s back. It is hairless and genderless, although from the shape of the hips and torso one might hazard a guess as to if it had once been a man or a woman. Its head is a smooth orb, devoid of any features. Despite this the creature sees, hears, and smells perfectly well, and can communicate psychically. They are solitary creatures, having no use for connections with any other type of sentient creatures, even other Eldritch Usurpers. 

Eldritch Usurpers are often found in vast hidden libraries and laboratories, often in ruined and isolated places. Here they spend their time endlessly researching the secrets of the universe, the nature of reality, and the mastery of magic. It is rumored that the ultimate goal of such research is to open a doorway between realities, allowing a wholesale invasion of our plane of existence by thousands of formless entities such as it once was.

Sometimes Eldritch Usurpers will travel to places where humans still remain in search of knowledge, such as libraries, laboratories, archives, and astronomical observatories. When doing so they often wear long dark cloaks and hoods, hiding their appearance, using their vast magical powers to obtain what they need unnoticed. On the rare occasions when one is interrupted on such a sojourn, or their hidden lairs are invaded, the Eldritch Usurper becomes a deadly adversary.     

Such creatures are essentially immortal, never aging or sleeping, freed from the need of food, drink, or even air. They can survive in the void of space, and are immune to the harmful effects of poisons, acid, cold, electricity, fire, and non-magical attacks. If they are injured they quickly heal at the rate of 2 HP per hour, so long as they have at least 5 MP. In physical combat they can employ any weapon useable by a human being, as well as their four powerful tentacles. However, they seldom enter physical combat as they much prefer to rely on the vast array of spells in their repertoire. Typically, an Eldritch Usurper knows anywhere between 12-18 spells (2D4+10). 

Eldritch Symbiont, That which remains

 Char. Averages rolls

STR   80 (3D6+6) x 5

CON 100 (4D6+12) x 5 

SIZ   65 (2D6+3) x 5 

DEX   75 (1D6+12) x 5 

INT   95 (2D6+12) x 5

POW 120 (7D6) x 5 

HP 18

Av. Damage Bonus: +1D4

Average Build: +1

Average Magic Points: 24

Move 9 / 15 (climbing or using its tentacles to enhance movement)


Attacks per round: 5

Fighting attacks: Eldritch Usurpers can use any weapons humans do, plus attack with their tentacles

Fighting 50% (25/10), damage per weapon type + damage bonus, or unarmed (1D3) + damage bonus

Four Tentacles 60% (30/12), damage 1D6 + damage bonus

Tentacle grasp (mnvr) 60% (30/12), held (victim immobile, may attempt to break free with a successful opposed STR roll)

Dodge: 50% (25/10)

Armor: Immune to terrestrial attacks, minimum damage from enchanted weapons

Spells: Any chosen by the keeper, typically 2D4+10 in number

Skills: Any chosen by the keeperSanity Loss: 1/1D8 for Sanity points to see an Eldritch Usurper.

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