Blessed of Hydra

These strange and powerful creatures start out as humans, but are chosen in utero begins to become something more. Their mothers are always devoted high priestesses of the Goddess Hydra, blessed by the Deep Mother with a divine boon. In the weeks leading up to the delivery of their daughters (Blessed of Hydra are always female) the priestess is visited in her dreams by the Goddess Hydra, and told their child shall be a Blessed of Hydra.  

Blessed of Hydra
Blessed of Hydra Art by Brad Hicks

Difficult Delivery – They are told that when the time comes for their child to emerge they should go to the sea, and deliver their baby into the waves of the shore. Their minds are haunted by a strange chant, “For my womb within, to the sea below, to the sky above.” If this is obeyed the child will be born a Blessed of Hydra.  If the child is not delivered into the ocean, the mother must make a Luck roll or the child is delivered stillborn. If the child is delivered into water, such as a lake, river, pool or bathtub, the mother can make this roll with a bonus dice. If such waters are treated with salt, the roll is made with two bonus dice. 

Appearance – Blessed of Hydra appear as normal human women from the waist up. From their hips grow eight long tentacles, similar in appearance to those of an octopus. The tentacles are typically 50% longer than their human’s legs would be, growing even longer the older the creatures become. The nails on their fingers are quite hard, long, and naturally sharp, and about 25% of these creatures also have sharp, shark like teeth. Their skins, while appearing quite normal, are as thick and tough as a shark’s hide. In addition to this the skin of a Blessed of Hydra can not only change color, but texture as well, making the creatures masters of camouflage. These creatures often hide their lower bodies with various forms of clothing, and combined with their camouflage ability, are quite effective at appearing human should the need arise.

About Blessed of Hydra – These creatures are blessed with great intelligence, deep wells of spiritual energy, and an innate connection with the Goddess Hydra. They serve temples of Hydra, and sometimes whole Deep One communities as oracles and prophets. While part of the temples of Hydra such creatures are never formal priestesses, rather they supersede such hierarchies, working with the temples established organizations instead of taking control of them. They always stay in places where the sea is within reach. While reaming on dry land causes them no harm they try to immerse themselves in seawater at least once per day. 

Biologically such creatures are amphibious, able to breath air as easily as water. They grow quickly, reaching maturity in between 5-10 years (1D6+4), with this rapid growth ending in and appearance of about sixteen years of age. From this point Blessed of Hydra age extremely slowly, 20% of what as normal human being does. For example, a Blessed of Hydra appearing to be 25 years old is likely somewhere closer to 60. It is unclear if such creatures are immortal or not, but there are no recorded of one ever falling ill or dying of old age.     

Blessed of Hydra are born with most of the knowledge they need to function in society. They can, and do, learn new things picking up skills and concepts with supernatural ease. They are gifted spell casters, knowing between 4-10 spells (2D4+2). 

Strange Prophesy – All Blessed of Hydra have a personal agenda, to give birth to a supreme being they call – Master of the Deep. This creature will be a being of incredible power, surpassing both Hydra and Dagon, destine to lead the Deep Ones in a war of conquest over the earth in the name of Great Cthulhu. To achieve this Blessed of Hydra select superior mates, those who have proven themselves truly exceptional in some way. While countless attempts have been made through the centuries a Blessed of Hydra has ever managed to conceive a child. However, these creatures are never discouraged by this, and despite the odds each feels that they are destine to the mother of the Master of the Deep. 


Natural Camouflage – These creatures can change the color and texture of their skin, giving them a natural Stealth score of 80%.

Spells – Each Blessed of Hydra know between 4-10 spells, with older one likely knowing more (as determined by the keeper). 

Oracle – Blessed of Hydra are living conduits to Hydra, and can cast Divination as an innate ability once per day. Keepers may also allow Blessed of Hydra to learn one fact per day, received in a message from Hydra herself. 

Regeneration – Such creatures heal quickly, at the rate of 1 HP per hour.  They can even regrow lost appendages, which takes between 1-3 hours (depending on how much tissue needs to be restored).  

Blessed of Hydra, Octapoid Oracles  

Char. Averages rolls

STR   110 (2D6+15) x 5

CON   120 (6D6+3) x 5

SIZ   100 (2D6+15) x 5

DEX   70 (3D6+3) x 5

INT   95 (2D6+6) x 5

POW   110 (2D6+15) x 5

HP 22

Av. Damage Bonus: +2D6

Average Build: +3

Average Magic Points: 22

Move 10


Attacks per round: 2 (unarmed or by weapon)

Fighting Attacks: Clawed hand, tentacle slap or punch, 25% chance to also have a bite attack, any hand held weapon useable by a human +db

Tentacle grasp (mnvr) 55% (27/10), held (victim immobile, may attempt to break free with a successful opposed STR roll)

Fighting:  55% (27/10), damage 1D4+db or by weapon type.

Dodge: 40% (20/8)

Armor: 3-point skin

Skills: Appear Human 95%, Climb 75%, Stealth 80%, Swim 95%, Sanity Loss: 0 if mistaken for human; 1/1D6 for Sanity points to see a Blessed of Hydra

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