Deep One Hybrid – Aberrant

Our guide led us into the old smugglers tunnels under Innsmouth, holding a lantern ahead of us, leading our company into darkness. We were desperate to rescue our companions, who’d been captured when we fled two days earlier. She said her name was Mary-Catherine, and explained that she lived as an exile in the marshes outside of town, because she had never fully made “the change”.  We weren’t sure what she meant, but she had that “Innsmouth Look” worse than anyone we’d seen yet, appearing to be some sort of unholy combination of a human woman, a frog, and a snapping turtle.
Ugly or not, we had limited options, and had put our faith in her, after hearing of the cruelty she’d suffered at the hands of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, whom had banished her and forbad her from entering the town.  Her steps were fast and sure, our team had trouble keeping up with her. Once we were strung out a bit in the twisting labyrinth of tunnels her lantern went out and we were all plunged into darkness. I grabbed for my electric flashing, but it was gone! We heard out guide giggling manically just before the mayhem began.
Of the four of us who followed that creature called Mary-Catherine into dark, I was the only one to survive.

Deep One Hybrid - Aberration
Deep One Hybrid – Aberration by Nopyan Panji Utomo

It is said that 1 in 10 Deep One Hybrids fail to undergo a full metamorphosis into their full aquatic form.  These “Stunted” hybrids live out a normal human lifespan, stuck partway through their transformation, and are treated with pity by most Deep One communities. They are typically social pariahs, outcasts, rejected by both Deep One and human society, shunned by their frightening appearance and often loathsome manner.

Unknown to most there is some genetic variation among these Stunted Hybrids, with as many as 1 in 10 of this group exhibiting unusual traits, abilities, and appearance. Possibly the most hated of all these variants, by both Deep One and human communities, are the Aberrant Hybrids. In appearance they are not too dissimilar from a normal stunted hybrid. They appear as humans in in final stages of their transformation, and can be quite frightening to behold. While each individual is unique they typically have long teeth and claws, large eyes with are sometime fully black or red in color, scaly or leathery skin, and muscular builds. 

Their physical differences to other hybrids are that they can absorb a limited amount oxygen through their skins, like frogs. This allows them to stay underwater for up to 10 minute, 15 if they remain relaxed and immobile. Humans typically can only hold their breath for 2 minutes, with common hybrids able to do so for twice that. Also, their teeth and claws are much harder than that of a common hybrid, and can easily be employed in combat without breaking. Their musculature is designed to grant them sudden bursts of movement for short periods of time, like a coiled spring releasing its stored energy.  

The reason they are shunned and hated is their mental differences. All Aberrant share one thing in common, and that is the deep seated compulsion to commit acts of violence. They are deceitful creatures, skilled liars, and dangerous to be around. At any moment, for reasons only known to their own twisted psyches, an aberrant hybrid can fly into a murderous frenzy.  However, they are quite cunning, often carefully planning out the moment of their attack to ensure the greatest chance of success and the lowest possibility of witnesses. Many also commit acts of vandalism, arson, and assaults of a sexual nature. When confronted they always deny such actions, even if covered in the blood of their victims and caught red handed.  Deep One communities in which they grow up often exiled such individuals as soon as their aberrant nature is determined. Typically, Aberrant Hybrids are solidary creatures due to their deceitful and murderous nature. Mated pairs of Aberrant Hybrids are sometimes found living and working together, although such cases are quite rare.  

 In combat Aberrant Hybrids get a bonus dice on initiative. They can make two attacks per round, but only for five rounds, after that their number of attacks per round are reduced to one.   Their favored attacks are up close, a combination of bites, claw attacks and bladed hand held weapons. They avoid firearms and ranged weapons, for the same reason they dislike using bludgeoning weapons – they don’t get to feel the hot spilled blood of their victims on their own skins. Their tough skins, whether of the leathery or scaly variety, grant them one point of armor as well.  


Coiled Spring Musculature – These creatures gain a bonus dice in initiative rolls and can make two attacks per round for five rounds. They can also use this ability to increase their movement, in water and on land, by 50% (13 / 13 Swim) for the same period. They can use this ability once every 12 hours.

Amphibious Skin – Aberrant Hybrids can absorb a limited amount of oxygen through their skins, allowing them to stay submerged for between 10- 15 minutes on a single breath.  

Aberrant Hybrids, Murderous Outcasts  

Char. Averages rolls

STR   80 (3D6+6) x 5

CON   70 (4D6) x 5

SIZ   65 (2D6+6) x 5

DEX   80 (3D6+6) x 5

INT   65 (2D6+6) x 5

POW   70 (4D6) x 5

HP 15

Av. Damage Bonus: +1D4

Average Build: +1

Average Magic Points: 14

Move 9 / 9 swim (13 / 13 swim if Coiled Spring employed)


Attacks per round: 1 or 2 if Coiled Spring employed 

Fighting Attacks: Clawed hands, vicious bites, and any hand held weapons that sheds blood 

Fighting:  50% (25/10), damage 1D4+db or by weapon type.

Dodge: 40% (20/8)

Armor: 1-point skin leathery or scaly skin

Skills: Fast Talk 50% Jump 55%, Listen 60%, Stealth 55%, Swim 70%,Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 for sanity points to see an Aberrant Hybrid

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