Deep One Hybrid, Abomination

No one goes anywhere near the old wrecked oil tanker, Neptune Venture, in the mud flats. Not during the day or especially at night, whether your deep blooded or shallow, like me. The only people who ever go there are members of the Bishop family, and they only do that once a week. They only stay long enough to drop off a box of food and supplies. Even then they have a dog with them, and someone keeping watch with a shotgun. Kids used to dare one another to go touch the Neptune Venture after dark, that is until two of them went missing trying to do it, and the kids who put them up to it were disciplined by the Esoteric Order of Dagon. There are rumors of a hulking creature that comes out of the wreck at night, to fish, dig clams, and sometime burn a trash pile.  I’m not going to be the one to find out for sure. So, good luck with that…

Deep One Hybrid - Abomination
Deep One Hybrid – Abomination by Nopyan Panji Utomo

Of the 1 in 10 Deep One Hybrids that fail to make their full metamorphosis, a small percentage become dangerous variants. While most are normal, almost human seeming, beings with the unsettling appearance of being a half way through their changes into their aquatic forms, 10% of these “Stunted Hybrids” are quite different.  Of these, about 20% become Abominations, hulk hulking creatures with startling, often horrifying physical mutations and diminished cognitively ability. 

From early on Abominations are hybrids of unusually large size, who tend to be less intelligent than their fellow hybrids. When their metamorphosis begins it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong, as physical aberrations begin to develop. They become even larger, reaching the size of a bear, and their cognitive abilities further decrease as primal instincts begin to push out self-awareness and logic.

 No two abominations look alike, and their appearances can be hideous and terrifying.  Some have large eyes, oddly placed and of mismatched size. Some will have one limb that is 50% larger than the other, other one or more limbs that are replaced by tentacles or even lobster claws. Some sprout spines, fins, or a beard of writhing tendrils, while others develop glands that give off the stench of a skunk spray when they are agitated.  Most have large teeth, some shark like, other long and dagger like, such as those found in deep see fish, while others have hard boney plates replacing teeth altogether, like those of ancient, extinct see creatures.  

Their cognitively abilities and general behavior depend a great deal on how they are treated by their communities. Those who are cared for and tended to, who are engaged by their families and loved ones, tend to be more stable. These will obey rules set by their caregivers, retain their personal identities, and respond to their names. Even then they’ll have limited vocabularies. However, these types are extremely rare. 

Since all abominations are powerfully, mentally unstable, and have violent tempers and an apparent predisposition to cannibalism, few families have the time or patience to properly care for them. Also, abominations are seen as a sign of a family’s great transgression against Dagon and Hydra, a divine punishment for some unknown act of heresy. As such most of these creatures are either driven into exile or kept imprisoned like caged animals by the comminutes that they were born into. These are the abominations that are the most dangerous, as they become more beast like, abandoning their civilized selves to embrace their instinctual nature.  Once this happens they become a danger to all around them, Human, Deep One, or Hybrid alike, driven by rage, hunger, and the primal need to survive. 

In combat these creatures typically attack with crushing blows from their powerful limbs. They delight in beating opponents to a pulp, tearing limbs from sockets, gnawing off faces, and devouring parts of a still living victim. Abominations have tough skin that offer them some protection from attacks. They don’t feel pain to the degree most creatures do, so they seem unaffected by most attacks until their bodies give out from the trauma inflicted on them. They are fearless, but not reckless, and can be cunning in a predatory way.  

Abomination Hybrid, Hulking Horrors 

Char. Averages rolls

STR   110 (2D6+15) x 5

CON     95 (6D6+12) x 5

SIZ     95 (2D6+12) x 5

DEX   35 (2D6) x 5

INT   35 (2D6) x 5

POW   50 (3D6) x 5

HP 21

Av. Damage Bonus: +2D6

Average Build: +3

Average Magic Points: 10

Move 6 / swimming 6


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting Attacks: Powerful physical blows and the occasional vicious, toothy bite.

Fighting:  50% (25/10), damage 1D4+db 

Dodge: 30% (15/7)

Armor: 2-point of thick skin and dense musculature

Skills: Climb 40%, Jump 50%, Listen 50%, Stealth 50, Swim 50% Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 for Sanity points to see an Abomination Hybrid

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