Christine the Toilet Monster

The One Who Is More Loved

Grow Old with Me the Best is Yet to Be” Robert Browning

Christine the Toilet Monster
Christine the Toilet Monster by Lotte Bierman

It waits in the dark dank sewers listening and watching for the unloved ones.  It knows it can take their place without drawing any suspicion.  It emerges from the toilet while its victim is most vulnerable and disposes of them alive or dead.  Once the dirty work is done, it takes on the victim’s appearance.  It does a remarkable job of replacing them.  Family and friends of the victim don’t think much at first, they just think that so-and-so is having a good day or are pleasantly surprised to learn they have something in common and can now hold a conversation.  The Toilet Monster is just happy to be on the surface.


Power: Ability to shapeshift into any human it sees but limited to only those that are deemed unloveable. 

Spell: All Christine the Toilet Monsters know Enthrall Victim 

The Toilet Monster, shapeless blob in its natural form

STR: 120 (blob) / 75 (human)

CON: 155 (blob) / 65 (human)

SIZ: 65 (blob/human)

DEX: 50 (blob/human)

INT: 75 (blob/human)

POW: 65 (blob/human)

HP: 22 (blob) / 13 (human)

Damage Bonus: +1D6 (blob) / +1D4 (human)

Build: 2 (blob) / 1 (human)

Magic Points: 13

Move: 10 rolling (blob) / 8 walking (human)


Attacks per round: 1 (2 while in blob form)

Fighting attacks: A Toilet Monster will attempt to engulf its victim to learn all it can before taking on its new form.  This usually kills the target. If it doesn’t the method the Toilet Monster uses to get the target into the sewer will. 

Fighting (blob): 90%, 1D6

Fighting (human): 45%, 1D4

Dodge: 24%

Armor: None

Skills: Charm 80%, Intimidate 60%, Persuade 60%, Stealth 55%

Sanity Loss: 1D20 (blob) / 1D6 (human)

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