Tenant Echo

Stress Remnant

“How was your vacation?” “I feel like I need another one!”  —Anyone who’s ever gone on vacation

Tenant Echo
Tenant Echo by Lotte Bierman

These unfortunate apparitions are born of vacations gone awry. Oftentimes, when we can’t relax during vacation, a piece of that stress will be left behind. If this happens often enough a psychic impression of all the pent up stresses of those who sought respite at a particular location will manifest as a Tenant Echo. These noisome creatures thrive on the inability of an individual to relax during their time away from work, attaching themselves to their newfound victim and making their lives miserable after vacation. In some extreme cases multiple tenant echos can coalesce and form a more powerful echo.

After attaching to an unfortunate soul the Echo makes it more difficult to recover from sanity loss and, in extreme cases, can actually sap one’s sanity at a fairly constant rate, feeding on the newfound misery (at the keepers discretion). Any time a character with an attached Echo would roll to recover sanity they must do so with one penalty die. In extreme cases the keeper may actually choose to sap one (or more) point of sanity per day until the character rids themselves of their unwelcome guest.

Fortunately for the victim these annoyances can be easily shed by enjoying the finer things in life, having a good week, or spending time with good friends. Any successful check to recover sanity will dispel the Echo and return the character’s spirits to normal.

Echos are nearly imperceptible except to the highly attuned. If, by chance, one is spied, the viewer loses 1/1d4 points of sanity.


Attach: The echo forms a bond with its unwitting victim draining psychic energy and generally preventing the character from relaxing. This happens automatically and without the need for a roll.

Depress spirits: Characters afflicted by an Echo must roll a penalty die when recovering sanity.

Psychogenic death: Characters afflicted by a particularly powerful Echo (POW > 90) lose one (or more) points of sanity per day until the Echo is dispelled.

Tennant Echos, Vexatious Vacation Vapors




DEX: – 

INT: 55 (3D6 x 5)

POW: 75 (2d6+8(+1 for each coalesced echo) x 5)*



Attacks per round:

Fighting attacks:

Fighting Mode:

Fighting Mode:




Sanity Loss: 1/1D4

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