Skeeter Man, Unique Entity

It was just as I had read. It appeared as a large man in tattered clothes. Its jacket had two vertical slits in the back, from which its wings emerged. The bats swirling around it blocked most of the damage from Dawson’s shotgun. Thankfully, my Invisible Blade spell bypassed them. Between that, and the little bit of damage which made it through from Dawson, we finally put it down. The streams of bats were very distracting but, thankfully, they caused little harm.

—Byron Timmons, Team Wizard, Strike Team 1.

The origin of Skeeter Man is unknown. It may be the result of a sorcerous experiment, a curse, a joke made by Nyarlathotep, or simply something which flaked off the body of the Cthulhu Mythos in general.

It appears as a large man, dressed in shabby clothing. However, it has bulbous, multi-segmented eyes made up of thousands of lenses, as well as a large proboscis. It is generally somewhat obscured by several four inch long mosquitos which whirl around it at astonishing speed.


Skeeter Armor: At any time, Skeeter Man will have up to a dozen Skeeters (see separate entry below) swirling around it at a blurring speed. These act as ablative armor, adding 7 points of armor per Skeeter.

This protects against all physical damage, as well as general harm such as fire (including magical), but not against spells which explicitly target Skeeter Man, such as Shriveling.

Once per turn, as its action, Skeeter Man may summon 1D6+4 Skeeters, though no more than 12 will accompany it at any given time. This limit does not count against any currently in combat.

Skeeter Attack: Once per turn, as its action, Skeeter Man may direct any number of the currently swarming Skeeters (see separate entry below) at its foes. They lack the intelligence to distinguish which enemies are more dangerous than others.

Anyone engaged with Skeeters suffers a penalty die for all skill and characteristic rolls.

Spells: None

Skeeter Man, A shabbily dressed, winged man with a long proboscis, and bulbous, segmented eyes


STR 100 (50/20)

CON 200 (100/40)

SIZ 80 (40/16)

DEX 200 (100/40)

INT 60 (30/12)

POW 80 (40/16)

HP: 28 When reduced to zero Hit Points, Skeeter Man vanishes and is permanently destroyed.

Damage Bonus: +1D6

Build: +2

Magic Points: 16

Move: 9, 18 flying (+1 Penalty Die to hit Skeeter Man due to its speed)


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting attacks: 

Proboscis (Brawl) 80 (40/16)%, damage 1D3+db, and 1D6 temporary CON loss. CON damage restores at the rate of 1D6 per hour. Skeeter Man’s swarm of Skeeters does not interfere with this attack.

Dodge 80 (40/16)%

Armor: 7 per swarming Skeeter

Skills: Detect Humans by CO2 emission within 6 yards 80%, Sense Human Body Heat within 6 yards 80%, Spot Hidden 80%

Sanity Loss: 1D3/1D6


Skeeters, very, very large mosquitos

The mosquito man thing kept flinging these damn things at us, but it never ran out of them. They hardly did any damage, but they were annoying as hell.–Justine Keystone, Team Leader, Strike Team 1.

Skeeters are little more than living ammunition for Skeeter Man. When reduced to zero Hit Points, they vanish.

Spells: None

Skeeters, 4″ long mosquitos


STR 30 (15/6)

CON 60 (30/12)

SIZ 15 (7/3) +2 Penalty Die to hit Skeeters, due to their small size and their speed.

DEX 100 (50/20)

INT 30 (15/6) 

POW 5 (2/1)

HP: 7

Damage Bonus: -2 (Min 1)

Build: -2

Magic Points: 1

Move: 9 walking, or 12 flying


Attacks per round: 1

Fighting attacks:

Proboscis (Brawl) 80 (40/16)%, damage 1 point of blood drain

Dodge 80%

Armor: None. +2 Penalty Die to hit Skeeters, due to their small size and their speed.

Skills: Detect Humans by CO2 emission with 3 yards 80%, Sense Human Body Heat with 3 yards 80%, Spot Hidden 80%Sanity Loss: 0/1

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