The Filing Cabinet

The Filing Cabinet is four drawers high, and appears perfectly ordinary. Either wood or steel, it is slightly worn, has a few scratches, a touch of rust, very small dents, etc., but is in fine condition. It will appear to one or more of the Investigators as an auction item, at a yard sale, as a gift, simply standing on the porch when they go out in the morning, etc.

Upon encountering the Filing Cabinet, all Investigators must engage in an opposed POW test against its POW of 80. Any Investigators succeeding at this roll are thereafter exempt from the power of the Filing Cabinet.

Those failing will become enamored with it, finding it a fine and useful device. They will take possession of it, happily sharing it with any other Investigators who also failed.

Upon opening the Filing Cabinet, the Investigators will find each drawer equipped with file folders, A through Z, all of which are slightly antiquated but in fine condition. In one of the drawers, in one of the folders, they will find a single sheet of paper, slightly browned with age.

Anyone examining the page will find it to be in their native language. Reading it confers 1 point of Cthulhu Mythos, and costs the reader 1 SAN. Occasionally, it will confer knowledge of a spell upon all who read it. The sheet of paper may also be read by others, beyond the cabinet’s owners. Regardless of where the Investigators store the current page, it will soon disappear.

The cabinet may be used to hold documents, as with any ordinary one. However, it will generally also contain a magical page as the Investigators are sorting through it.

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