Finally! Lovecraftian Christmas Cards!

Aren’t you tired of the same old Christmas cards, maybe something with a reference to evil incarnate but lacking that TRUE Lovecraftian feel?

Well, take a look at what Daniel and Heather Gelon have for you on Kickstarter!

From their Kickstarter page:

We love giving and receiving holiday cards, but best of all we love giving and receiving cards that reflect our special view of the universe. For several years we’ve made our own cards, by hand, but this year we want to do more. This year we want to have a Lovecraft Christmas.

Heather and I are tremendous Lovecraft fans, as are many of our friends. We had ideas… so many ideas … too many ideas for just one card. So we decided to make four. We’re creating four original C’thulhu Christmas Cards, with original artwork by Heather Hudson. We’re planning to get them professionally printed and offer them to the world.


When The Snows Are Right

  • The cards are 5′ x 7″, the standard greeting card size
  • There are 4 different designs.
  • We have been selected to be a Kickstarter Staff Pick.
  • There are stretch goals for envelope stickers (which it looks like we should make this week), printed envelope tentacle graphics—and if we hit $5000 we will be adding a free 5th design to every pack of 4 cards!
  • We will also most likely be offering some more goodies and new reward levels (next week if things keep going like they are going)

In progress: Merry Yithmas!

Cthulhu envelope seal

And an envelope seal to keep all the evil goodness inside.

Check out their Kickstarter here and start grimly reaping the benefits!


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