Coming Soon! Heroes of RedHook by Golden Goblin Press!

The cover for Golden Goblin Press's Heroes of Red Hook

The cover for Golden Goblin Press’s Heroes of Red Hook

The fine folks over at Golden Goblin Press tipped us off that their newest kickstarter project is almost ready.  We couldn’t be more excited about their newest fiction offering.  While you know that we’re going to post the link as soon as it is up, go ahead and get your mouth watering over what we can release to you so far (story details after the fold)

Heroes of Red Hook, the fifth Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press, is a compilation of short cosmic horror stories set in the 20’s and 30’s. It is our 3rd fiction collection, following Tales of Cthulhu Invictus and Dread Shadows in Paradise. Heroes of Red Hook will be a 100,000 word collection, twice the size of our previous collections. What makes this project unique in that it features protagonists who are immigrant, minorities, independent women, non-Christian, and members of the LGBT. Our heroes and heroines struggle to overcome not only the dark horrors beyond mankind’s understanding, but a society seeking to deny them basic human rights.
Kickstarter launches on June 20th, and ends on July 25th.

Heroes of Red Hook

Lords of Karma, by Glynn Owen Barrass and Juliana Jozens Quartaroli – In San Francisco Lily Crawford, a young Anglo-American woman, hires Victor Wong, a Chinese-American private eye, to find the man who knows the secret of her two year amnestic episode. If he can explain the fantastic nightmares she’s been having ever since regaining her memory all the better.

Beyond the Black Arcade, by Edward M. Erdelac – Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston is hired to travel the country gathering stories of the primitive magic, hidden folklore, and the unknown for a wealthy benefactor. However, when her path leads her into the swamps of Louisiana she learns much more than she bargained for.

The Eye of Infinity, By Sam Gafford – Kids growing up in the lower east side learned to be tough. They take care of themselves because no one else gives a damn. When kids start to vanish the gangs unite to defend their neighborhood with lead pipes, clenched fists, and determination against a sinister cult.

Hungry Ghosts, by Cody Goodfellow – The mysterious death of a prominent white man in San Francisco’ Chinatown attracts Dr. Wing Ho to investigate. He encounters horrors from beyond the grave, as the countless Chinese immigrants who died without proper funeral rights during the 1906 Earthquake return during The Feast of the Hungry Dead.

O Friend and Companion of Night, by Vincent Kovar – Young Antoinette Narcisse finds herself far from home, traveling from New Orleans to Seattle in order to find her missing brother, Nathanael. Her trail takes her through the city’s dark underside and into something far worse, an evil that masks itself in light. Will she reach Nathanael before it is too late?

A Ghastly, Detestable Pallor, by Penelope Love – When an Italian immigrant’s search for her missing uncle leads to death and horror in Seattle, Beatrice Conti doesn’t go to the police. The resourceful young anarchist instead seeks justice on her own, finding herself battling a secret society with monstrous agenda.

Crossing the Line, by Tom Lynch – Jack Li, Half-Anglo and Half-Chinese delivery boy, struggles to find his place in society in New York’s Chinatown. Fate however, has larger plans for Jack, as he is drawn into an ancient battle between mankind’s defenders and the forces of cosmic entropy.

A True Telling of the Terror that Came to Red Hook, by William Meikle – A colored southern Jazz musician and his Kurdish-immigrant friend relate their firsthand account of what really happened at the Old Dutch Church in Red Hook. They were there, saw it all, and know the truth.

Brickwalk Mollies, by Christine Morgan – When a scholar from Arkham journeys to Red Hook, searching for the nephew of a wealthy patron, he finds himself in a world utterly unlike his own. He encounters horror, deadly peril, an alluring mysterious Irish-immigrant, and the legacy of Molly, my molly, sweet Molly Malloy.

A Gentleman of Darkness, by Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire – A brilliant street artist in Red Hook suffers terrible nightmares and periods of sleep walking, which he blames on a neighbor’s strange music. His friend, a beautiful black woman, soon finds herself drawn with him into a deadly, otherworldly web.

The Guilt of Nikki Cotton, by Pete Rawlik – A southern black woman finds herself in Red Hook, Brooklyn, working as a caretaker for an entire theater group suffering from Encephalitis Lethargica or sleepy sickness. She’s always been a survivor but her skills are about to be put to the ultimate test.

Men and Women, by Oscar Rios – John and Dani, a young couple from Greenwich Village, have a strange hobby, defending mankind against horrors beyond human understanding. They struggle to thwart the aims of a deadly fertility cult, and stop an abhorrent ritual aimed at changing humanity itself.

Old Time Religion, By Paula R. Stiles – When an part Indian /African American anthropologist investigator the origins of a strange bible verse sung by members of the Lumbee tribe in North Carolina, she uncovers otherworldly secrets, mysterious children, and perilous threats from another dimension.

Tell Me No Lies. By Sam Stone – In New Orleans, a forbidden love ends in tragedy, leaving Adrienne desperate for answers. She turns to a handsome private eye to find a true medium capable of getting her information from beyond the grave. Blinded by despair, what price will she pay to learn who murdered her lover?

The Backwards Man, By Tim Waggoner – To most people Jacob is a “well-known local character,” a harmless simpleton who sells flowers, cleans up the church cemetery, and does odd jobs while constantly counting everything. But his unique mind allows him to see what others cannot, and it may hold the key to saving our reality from destruction.

Ivan and the Hurting Doll, by Mercedes M. Yardley – Ivan came to American from Russia as a small boy and worked hard to become a Strong American Man. He never forgot the folktales his babushka told him, stories of witches and magical curses, evil queens and heroes’ journey’s. When his grandmother mails him a mysterious doll soon realizes her simple stories hid frightening truths.

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