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Our Call of Cthulhu rulebook has been reprinted, and after several delays, is on it’s way to our warehouse. We’ll be very happy to have our big seller back in print and on retailer shelves again. Please let your local shop know Call of Cthulhu is coming back.

Meanwhile, we’re finishing off World of the Eternal Champions: Dragon Lords of Melnibone today. We’ll be sending this our first D20 release off to the printer tomorrow. Then we’ll let Charlie Krank out of his cage long enough to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his better

half, Tree Mclean. Dragon Lords is expected to show up in early March. Charlie is expected back considerably sooner.

The first Dragon Lords D20 adventure, Slaves of Fate is now in the capable hands of Jason Durall. Jason was a contributor to our Elric! RPG and it’s great to be working with him again. SOF is expected to release in April.

With the re-release of our Call of Cthulhu rulebook, the debut of Dragon Lords, and the January release of Unseen Masters, we’re kicking 2001 off pretty well. All three books will go a long way towards stabilizing our otherwise slippery release schedule. A big Chaosium “Thankee” to all of you who continue to be so supportive. We’re printing books as fast as we can!

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