The Black Traveler

So I heard over in England they had this gas a few years ago, called time gas. The time gas supposedly regressed people backward psychologically, through their childhoods and beyond.

They were meting it out in measured doses, which people paid for, and that worked fine until they found a huge untapped vein of it and regressed everyone within a hundred-mile vicinity way back past the dinosaurs.

Never did find an antidote, and now I understand they’ve grouped all these people together in hospitals, paid for by the company that extracts and distributes the time gas. They’re still in business.

It could have been worse.

Larger reservoirs of the gas have been found and tapped.

The reason I bring that up is because one of those veins is just a few miles from here.
They’re just getting around to tapping it, might be doing it right now. It does smell kinda funny…

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Sorry to be the first to tell you. Have you tried this gas?

Uh-huh. I see. Quite the bike, eh? I suppose it would be nice to go back to childhood for a little bit. You say they’re really accurate with this stuff? They can put you right on the dot, the moment you want to relive?

Oh, it’s expensive. I bet it is.

What was that about the people? Oh, they keep disappearing from their hospital beds? What can you do about that? I don’t think anyone has a time machine to go chasing around after them, do they?

That’s the only way I can think of, the place they must be going. I mean, they have to be physically traveling in time, don’t they? Can you think of anywhere else they’re going?

Boy, it’s dark in this bar. Hey, can I get ya a beer?

Sure, no problem. Hey, Mike-get this guy a Guinness, on me, willya? Thanks a lot, Mike.

So, you were saying?

Wow, that’s really something. You think that these people are able to navigate space and time in straight lines, not curved ones like we do.
What an angle.

Angle, jeez. I crack me up.

Sorry. That’s a real headful.

What? Oh, you work for the company? I thought you knew a lot. C’mon, gimme some inside. What’s it really like to travel backward in time? Not the company line, your own words.

Really. I gotta try that stuff, no doubt about it.

Yeah? You got some on ya. Hey, thanks. This stuff is safe, right? You know what you’re doing?

Just kidding. I can tell you know all about it.

Just inhale…okay.

Great. So where’d you say you were from? Don’t take this wrong, but we don’t often get people in here that have skin as dark as yours. I mean you’re coal black, guy.

You got a cloven hoof? Only joshing.

Hey, that’s nice. I’m beginning to feel it. You sure you didn’t give me too much? What do you mean you gave the same to everybody? What kind of a name is Nyarlathotep anyway?

Better try some beer. I don’t know how much longer that bartender is gonna let me stay. He keeps looking at me like he knows I don’t have ID.

Hey, thanks, Mister Black. I appreciate it, I’ll deliver the papers on time every day.

Oh, Suzy, oh, that’s right. Me too, first time. It’s okay.

Did you see the newest Red Sonja? Boy can that guy draw girls. I wisht I could draw like that.

Yes, we’re learning how to divide. I can multiply up to ten. Ten times ten times ten is eleventy hundred.

Mister, can I please have a cookie? Please please. Thank You!

No, I’m four.

*dark* in here, *damp*, *warm*.

(.this space vacant.)

the angles intersect a point beyond the next curve. if fast, can avoid hounds and enter next segment.

not fast enough.

nice doggie

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