The Innsmouth People

With apologies to Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People

I’m not like you, and you’re not like me
you’re of the land, and I’m of the sea
and in not to long you’ll all be gone,
the human race is here just to feed Dagon
The Innsmouth People, The Innsmouth People
Your first clue should’ve been at that steeple,
This odd little town so close to the sea
come tonight you won’t believe what you see.Hey you, what do you see?
My brethen are comin, straight from the sea
now’s not to procrastinate,
hate’s in their eyes and they’re comin this way.
the genes were past to a human host,
its hard to pick which one you notice the most.
they’re not real people, they’re not real people
what the hell has happened to these people
Years of breeding have made it this way,
the US Navy will take them away.

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