REVIEW: Let Sleeping Gods Lie

I recently acquired, via a revision of the aforementioned pact with Satan,
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets new Let Sleeping Gods Lie CD. To all
those who haven’t heard it yet, all I can say is; You poor bastards. This CD
is a MUST have. Unfortunately its in short Supply, as Toren informs me they
only have precious few left. So if you missed your chance to grab one in the
new Cthulhu D20 book, here’s what you’re missing:

A Thousand fists: A fast pace breakneck dash towards insanity, a man finds a
blasphemous tome which is taken from him… but can such things every truly
be taken away?

Colour Me Green: If you can avoid jumping around during the playing of this
song, you’re a stronger man than I. Green is the Colour of Cthulhu after all.

Going Down to Dunwich: If The Dunwich Horror had a theme song, this would be
it. Reminiscent of Offspring at parts, with old school metal influences.

Shoggoths Away: Any song that uses our namesake as its topic, is always
good. A man goes to Antarctica and brings some back with him, in attempts to
market them until it all goes horribly wrong

Yig Snake Daddy: Blasphemous Boogie Boogie meets LAC Instrumentals..Young men
go looking for Yig and get more than they bargained for.

Please God No: The title speaks for itself. This ain’t puberty, this is a
far more disturbing kind of change…

Six Gun Gorgon Dynamo: A tribute to lil’ Miss thousand young herself, Shub

The Innsmouth Look: We’ve heard the story of the girl that got away, as well
as the fish that got away, but what about the fish girl that didn’t?

Sounds of Tindalos: What are they? CONCENTRATE!! A fast paced song that
takes non Euclidean corners at breakneck speeds.

The Chosen One: This merrily upbeat song testifies, that EVERYONE knows the
Chosen one.

Yog Sothoth: I’m reminded almost of Gwar’s Chewbacca… all in all a REALLY
fun song

Cthulhu Dreams: A old radio show of men fighting a horrible sea creature is
drowned out by psychedelic ramblings and chords.
That all said, snag one today!!

Darkest of The Hillside Thickets

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