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The Bruce Report #10.  Links to articles and websites that may be of interest
to Call of Cthulhu Keepers, or anyone interested in the paranormal.

This week we have:  Concerned Christians proclaim end of world; No sympathy for
the Devil; Attack of the Flesh Eating Sheep; UFO hasn’t landed yet at the
Olympics; Un-PC fossil findings; Pope v. Devil and the priests aren’t surprised;
More cats disappear, this time in Idaho; Monkeyman returns; 5,000,000 year old
city in India?; Freak windstorms; Bigfoot hoax; Hoagland sounds off on Ghroth;
Weird findngs in Oklahoma; The truth about Satanic ritual abuse; Soup’s On!; and
website of the week.

Special Thanks this week to TV’s Trav.

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Claims and Opinions in various articles and websites do not necessarily reflect
the view of the editor.

Cult Says World Ending

A formerly Denver based cult (with members now in Philadelphia and Greece), has
sent emails claiming the Seventh Seal has been broken, and the End of the World
is at hand. The cult leader, who claims to be one of the Witnesses from
Revelations, has so far gone 0 to 2 on predicting disaster and the end of the

UFO Fly By Predicted At Olympics

A woman is announced that a space ship from our benevolent space-brothers was
supposed to make an appearance at the Olympics on Feb 21. Well, as you may have
guessed, she was wrong. Oh, but not to fret true believers, the woman is now
saying the aliens will come tonite, Feb 24. Anyone else think she’ll be

Human Fossils May Rewrite Human Evolution

New fossils found in Europe suggest that the earliest ancestors of humans may
have evolved in Eurasia, and then migrated to Africa. Well, that certainly
isn’t politically correct, now is it?

Monkeyman Creates Scare in India

The Monkeyman is back. Last year, the mischevious little devil was the scourge
of New Delhi, terrifying residents for months. There were several injuries and
deaths during the Monkeyman panic, but all were caused by panicking people, not
weird aberrations of nature.

Man Turns Boss Into Soup

A Nigerian man killed his boss, a mother of four, and used her body parts to
make a pepper soup. The boss gets her revenge by making him violently ill after
he eats the soup. Police believe he was going to sell her left-over body-parts
to witch-doctors.

Missing Cats A Curiosity

First San Diego, now Idaho. Someone is stealing cats, then brutally murdering
them. One suffered a broken back, another was shot. Owners have raised reward
money for anyone who has information on who is committing these crimes.

Pope 3, Devil 0,1008,1107855a12,FF.html,4057,3803542%255E2,00.html

The Vatican made it public last week that since 1982, the Pope has performed
exorcisms on three people. The most recent on started treatment in September,
and is still undergoing exorcisms conducted personally by the Pope.

Priests Not Surprised By Exorcism Reports

In a related story, New Jersey priests express they are not surprised by the
reports of the Pope’s exorcisms. They discuss how exorcisms are not like what
you see in the movies, particularly The Exorcist.

Suprise Windstorm a Puzzle for Experts

Meterologists are still trying to figure out what caused a freak windstorm in
Oregon on Feburary 7, that produced winds exceeding 70 mph, and destroyed
several homes.

Big Tracks Just Big Joke

Several tracks found near Waynesboro, PA earlier this week, have been declared a
hoax by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who believes the tracks were created by
someone who a costume foot on a sneaker, and not Bigfoot.

Infant’s Skull Used As Ashtray

Four men in New Zealand have been charged with tampering with a corpse, and
burglary, after they dug up the coffin of a dead infant, stealing the skull and
jawbone, then throwing the coffin and rest of the remains in the ocean. Part of
the skull was used as an ashtray in their flat, while the jawbone was used to
make a necklace.

The Secrets of Silbury Hill Uncovered

“Scientists may have solved the mystery of how Stone Age workers, armed only
with antler picks and bone shovels, created the largest and most impressive
prehistoric structure in Western Europe….Geophysical and ground surveys of
Silbury Hill, a 120 ft high chalk mound formed in a Wiltshire valley around
4,500 years ago, suggest that it was built in a spiral fashion, and not made
from a series of flat tiers like a wedding cake as previously thought.”

Man Accused of Killing Woman Who Turned Into Vampire

Paid to watch after a woman when she had a stroke, a Romanian man instead killed
her, when she awoke, transformed into a vampire, and came after him, or so he

Enterprise Mission’s Statement on Nibiru/Ghroth/Planet X

This is Richard C. Hoagland’s statement on the claim that Nibiru/Ghroth/Planet X
will come near Earth in Spring 2003. Hoagland is a regular on the Art Bell
show, and author of The Monuments of Mars. Hoagland makes claims of all
sorts of wackiness, such as a Egyptian/Masonic conspiracy inside of NASA, but
refutes any assertion that Nibiru is coming near Earth anytime soon.

Archeaological Survey of India Digs Up Ancient Town

Maybe it is a misprint, maybe I am reading things wrong, but the article claims
the town found by the AIS dates from 5,000,000 BC.

Archeaological Anomalies In Oklahoma

Ogham, the oldest form of writing from Scotlan and Ireland, has been found in a
canyon in Oklahoma. In another part of the state, a furnace and fortress some
claim are Pheonician in origin, have been found, but subsequently bulldozed

Bloodthirsty Sheep,,2-2002080998,00.html

Fiendish, bloodthirst sheep have been observed in Britian. The sheep seem to
have a taste for the chicks of ground nesting birds. Obviously, these are the
Thousand Young of Shub-Niggurath spoke of in Lovecraftian fiction.

Satan In Suburbia

An article from the Fortean Times, tracing the origins and claims made in the
Satanic Ritual Abuse panics that have cropped up from time to time in modern
Western society.

Website of the Week:
Traces of the Occult

This website puts a history to the stories of occult, ghosts, and monsters in my
home of Louisville, Kentucky. Haunted locations, ghosts, the goat-man, and
Satanic covens are all covered here.

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