N’kinih and Zha-shg

The Tables of Maxctli gives us a sort of family tree of the Court of Yig. This may be the most suppressed part of the text. You’ll find few translations. The implications are not fit for polite society. Especially in regards to the Aygghya, a title given to twins that are both children and grandchildren of the Snake God. 

Other Names:  Mother-of-All-Serpents, Aygghya

A beautiful woman conjoined at the back of her head with a giant snake.
The Twins by DOTURNAL

N’kinih and Zha-shg are the twin children of Yig, born when the snake god coupled with his daughter Ayi’ig. N’kinih is female, presenting to human eyes as a giant, beautiful woman. Conjoined at the back of her head is her brother, Zha-shg, a large serpent. 

In the Pit of Ngoth beneath sunken, red-litten Yoth, the twins have mated with one another since their creation. They stop only for N’kinih to give birth. Their offspring are deformed combinations of humanoid and ophidian features. Some of these monstrosities crawl their way to the surface world, becoming terrible creatures of myth and legend. Most remain with their parents, joining with their eternal mating in a teeming, unceasing orgy. Then their offspring join. And their offspring. A thousand generations fill the pit. The lives of most participants are often short. Many starve to death, concerned with nothing but mating. Yet, the orgy only grows, the Pit of Ngoth overflowing. Sometimes, Yig attends. “Obscenities” is the only word that can describe what is produced by his presence. 


N’kinih and Zha-shg are revered among the Serpent People, which hold the twins to be the progenitors of their race. Some also believe that Yig created humanity through N’kinih. A Serpent People cult dedicated to the twins knows the location of the Pit of Ngoth but keeps it a closely guarded secret. No one in the cult will say why the location must be kept secret. The cult will kidnap both Serpent People and humans to feed to the orgy.

Among humans, the worship of N’kinih and Zha’shg is rare even for Mythos deities. There is no organized worship, only small, independent cults. Rites dedicated to the twins involve violent group sex. The Medusa Group, which fronts as a women’s professional empowerment and development company based out of northern California, is the largest cult. Only members near the inner circle of the group knows its true nature. 

Possible Blessings

  • Hideous Birth: By spending a point of POW and 10 Magic Points, a cultist (male or female) can give instantaneous birth to a large, intelligent snake that will obey their commands. 
  • Abominations: The twin gods may grant one of their offspring to cults to act as a servant or prophet.


Encounters with N’kinih and Zha-shg are rare as the twins never leave the Pit of Ngoth or project their will beyond its walls. Investigators are more likely to encounter human cults, Serpent People that worship the twins, or worse, one of their offspring that has escaped to the surface. Sometimes, the twins may send a writhing ball of speaking snakes as an emissary. 


An odor of snakes and sexual fluids permeates everything around the twins, strong enough to incapacitate a person. This smell is often found in during worship of the gods, signaling their approval. Some cultists may also exude the scent as well and be followed by a faint squelching noise. 

N’kinih and Zha-shg, Conjoined Horror

Sanity Loss: 2D6/5D10


  • POW: 140
  • Magic Points: 28
  • Spells: Contact Serpent People, Contact Yig, Contact Child of Yig, Summon Child of Yig.


Command Snakes: Like their father Yig, the twins may command snakes anywhere on Earth, including the Child of Yig. 

Typical Manifestation

  • Hit Points: 35
  • Damage Bonus (DB): +5D6
  • Build: 6
  • Mov: 8


Attacks Per Round: 2 (claws), or 1 (strike) or 1 (constrict)

Only one twin can attack per round. N’kinih attacks with claws. Zha-shg may attack with either a strike of its fangs or crushing an opponent in its coils. 

Constrict (mnvr): On a successful attack, Zha-shg wraps its body around an opponent. On the next round, and every round thereafter, the victim receives 6D6 damage. The victim may escape with an Extreme STR roll made with a disadvantage. While constricting a victim, Zha-shg may use its strike attack or N’kinih can attack with her claws. 

Strike: Zha-shg’s bite is venomous. If the victim survives the damage inflicted by the god’s teeth, they must make an Extreme CON roll at disadvantage or experience an excruciating death as the venom eats away their nervous system.

Fighting60% (30/12), damage 5D6
ConstrictStrikeDodge60% (30/12), damage 6D6 per round (see above)60% (30/12), damage 5D6 + venom (see above)25% (12/5)




  • 6 points of thick skin and scales 
  • Regenerates 5 Hit Points a round (death at 0 hit points)
  • If destroyed, the corpses of N’kinih and Zha-shg dissolve. They will be reborn with in the Pit of Ngoth’s orgy in 1D10 years. 
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