MOTHER OF RESURRECTION, Avatar of Shub-Niggurath

The nethermost caverns…are not for the fathoming of eyes that see; for their marvels are strange and terrific. Cursed the ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied…out of corruption horrid life springs…

– HP Lovecraft, “The Festival”

Alternative Names: Bearer of the Black Milk, the Foul Fecundity

It looks something like a giant, hairless rabbit. A tiny head sits atop a bloated and sagging body. Two teats rest against its belly, leaking greenish-white fluid. Its limbs are vestigal and useless, also resting against the body. Under its belly growing a transluscent egg-sack.

Incessant and insatiable, always feeding, always hungry, always spawning, the Mother of Resurrection is a perverse warping of the cycle of birth and death. Stories about the Mother of Resurrection have become sanitized over time, now remembered as rebirth and Easter traditions across the world.

It superficially resembles a giant, hairless rabbit. Discolored pinkish skin stretches across a bloated, sagging form. Two massive teats rest limp against a distended belly. A constant trickle of greenish yellow, viscous milk oozes from them. It does not appear as if the being should be able to move. It can move, albeit slow and awkward on limbs that are near vestigial. It prefers meals be brought to it.

After feeding, the Mother spawns a cluster of eggs from a purple egg-sack under its belly. The shells of the eggs are a swirl of iridescent blues, yellows, and pinks. The embryos inside are an unidentified mass of tissue surrounded by a yoke of same putrid liquid leaking from the Mother’s teats.

The milk and yoke have regenerative properties, though foul tasting and smelling. Wounds heal, diseases vanish. Fed to a corpse, life will return. The resurrected will appear to be in perfect health but their minds will be shattered. Though they are lucid, they will be possessed by the most depraved compulsions. Some drinkers transform into abominations and are held in the highest esteem. Those so restored must regularly drink the Mother’s milk or eat the yoke of the eggs, or rot away.

Milk: Drinking the Mother’s milk or eating the eggs instantly restores 2D10 hit points. Diseases and poisons vanish. A corpse fed the liquid will reanimate immediately, appearing as it did before death, but with 0 Sanity. The resurrected must fed on the milk or yoke every month or rot away.

There is a 15% chance ingesting the liquids will result in horrific mutations.


Worship of the Mother of Resurrection extensive. Those calling upon Shub-Niggurath may find her come in place of the Goat Mother place. Spells of healing and corruption are often dedicated to her. Among the jackalopes she is a favored deity. Their worst rites are dedicated to her.

Those wishing to extend their lives may summon her to suckle or feast on the eggs. They are just as likely to be eaten.

Possible Blessings

  • Scream: the cultist screams like a terrified or injured rabbit. Anyone hearing the scream loses 1/1D3 Sanity Points.
  • Immortality: The cultist can only die through violence. However, they do not stop aging. 

Mother of Resurrection

STR: 200     CON: 225     SIZ: 300     DEX: 45    INT: 50     

POW: 175     HP: 52

Damage Bonus: +5D6

Build: 6

Magic Points:  35

Move: 4


Attacks per round: 1

The Mother will lazily kick with one of its feet or attempt to grab an opponent with its toes, devouring them the next round.

Devour: The Mother eats a held opponent.

Grab (mnvr): The Mother may grab an opponent SIZ 150 or less and draw them toward its mouth.

Roll: The mother uses its prodigious bulk to crush an enemy.

FightingGrab (mnvr)DevourRoll40% (20/8), damage equals damage bonus45% (22/9), opponent heldAutomatic if opponent held, instant death50% (25/10), damage equals double damage bonus.
Dodge25% (12/5) 

Armor: 10 points of thick blubber. The Mother of Fertility cannot be destroyed as long as one of her eggs is intact. If reduced to zero Hit Points, she will hatch from one of her eggs in 1D10 years. 

Spells: Any spell relating to Shub-Niggurath, healing, fertility, and resurrection. 

Sanity Loss: 1D4/1D20 to see the Mother of Resurrection.

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