Messengers of Yig

The Tables of Maxctli was defaced centuries ago. From context clues, we can see there was once instructions to summon the so-called Serpents That Walk but someone chiseled them from the stone. Their true name was removed as well. It is unknown if the epitaph carved in the wound, Messenger of Yig, was an attempt at humor on the part of the vandal or an attempt to placate them. 

Alternative names: The Serpents That Walk, Zsthu

A mass of writhing snakes that has taken the rough shape of a man.
A Hundred Snakes in a Trench Coat by DOTURNAL

Messengers of Yig only exist when summoned. Snakes in the area gather in the hundreds, coalescing into the rough shape of a human. The snakes will be venomous serpents endemic to the region where the Messenger is summoned, such as rattlesnakes and copperheads in North America, mambas in Africa, or tiger snakes in Australia. An endless cacophony of hisses and rattling proceeds them. The stink of ophidian musk, a mix of shit, piss, and sulfur, radiates from them. 

The name “messenger” is more metaphorical than a description of the creature’s function and purpose. Yig sends the Messengers to assassinate or terrify those that have displeased him. Cults that have strayed from his worship or powerful, dangerous threats to his followers are typical targets. Yig, through intermediaries, may teach spells that allow his followers to summon and command a Messenger. 

Messengers of Yig, 

STR(2D6+2) x 545
CON3D6 x 550
SIZ(2D6+6) x 560
DEX(2D6+2) x 545
INT3D6 x 550
POW3D6 x 550

Average Hit Points: 11

Average Damage Bonus:

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 10

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 1D4 (strike)

During combat, 1D6 snakes comprising a Messenger of Yig will strike opponents within 4 feet of the creature. Each bite inflicts 1D4 damage, plus any damage bonus, and injects the victim with a potent venom. The victim loses 2D10 Hit Points and suffers convulsions and respiratory failure. If the victim makes a successful Extreme CON roll they will only lose half of the hit points and experience milder symptoms. A single victim may be struck multiple times in the same round. 

FightingDodge50% (25/10), damage 1D4 + damage bonus + venom25% (12/5) 


Stalk 85%

Armor: 4 points of tightly packed muscle and thick scales. 

Spells: None. Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to encounter a Messenger of Yig.

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