We could blame it. That only way to ever sleep again, to go on, to do anything. Otherwise, what? Knot bedsheets and hope the ceiling fan holds? No. It was that thing, bug, grub, worm whatever it was. That did it. That’s what made us do those…things. 

Truth is, it just sat there. Fat off everything we did. It ate what we fed it. It didn’t make us do anything. It just freed us of our inhibitions. Everything we did…we because we already had it in us.

Alternative names: Carrion Grubs 

A giant grub sitting on a man's shoulder as he kneels over another person, the man eating the other person
Cthoab by DOTURNAL

Cthoab are parasitic neoplasms spawned from substance that comprises the god-realm called Abattoir. On occasion they slip through the wounds that connect our world to the Abattoir. On Earth their presence has a degenerative effect on people of low willpower and sanity, reducing them to their most base, bestial instincts. Cthoab seem to feed on crimes against nature and humanity. They grow bloated as people around them descend into increasing acts of perversion.  

Cornelius Trafford Hughes, a minor 19th century robber-baron that first contacted the Abattoir (or as he claimed it called itself, Xopolhiti). through his Pleaides Circle occult society, kept several Cthoab for study. His observations are noted in his journals, Conversations on Xopolhiti. Hughes never discovered the mechanism that drove madness in humans or fed the creatures. He gave up trying but kept the animals. He took much pleasure in the effect they had on his guests and did his part to keep his pets fed. 

(Conversations on Xopolhiti. English, published 1909. Full Study 10 weeks. Sanity Loss 1D10. Cthulhu Mythos +3/+8. Mythos Rating 20%.)

Aura of Depravity: the aura extends for 1 mile in every direction from the creature for every 10 Magic Points it possesses. Anyone in the aura with less than 45 POW or Sanity must make a POW roll once per day. If the roll fails, the victim loses 1/5 of their current Sanity and suffers a violent Bout of Madness. They will indulge their worst, most vile impulses.

Cthoab, bloated on suffering

STR1D4 x 510
CON1D4 x 510
SIZ1D4 x 510
DEX1D4 x 510
INT1D4+1 x 515
POW(4D6+2) x 580

Average Hit Points: 2

Average Damage Bonus: -2

Average Build: -2

Average Magic Points: 16

Move: 4


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite, Caustic Spit)

Caustic Spit: launches a stream of viscous fluid at the face of an opponent. The victim loses 1D6 Hit Points and APP initially, then an additional 2 points of both every round unless removed (such as with water). The spit will dissolve and become harmless after 1D4+1 rounds

BiteSpit45% (22/8), 1D4 + damage bonus45% (22/8), 1D6 Hit Points and APP, see above
Dodge5% (2/0)


Stealth: 75%

Armor: None

Spells: None 

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 to encounter a Cthoab

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