The beams from our flashlights fell on Courtney, sprawled on the rocky shore. A fish, or something like a fish, big as a car, was at her head. Blood and something yellow trickled from its lips as it sucked on her head. Her eyes and tongue bulged as her body twitched. I screamed. The fish seemed to notice us then. The long whiskers that held Courtney untangled from her, and shot into the air, lashing at us. Then the fish slid water, dragging her with it. 

Alternative names: Dobhar-chu, Mamlambo, Nommo, Sirians

A monstrous catfish, larger than a person. It's pectoral and ventral fins have vestigal, webbed fingers. It's sucker-like mouth is attached to the top of a man's head, sucking his brains out. The catfish's long wiskers are wrapped around the man's neck.

Bbokithi are alien refugees, descending to Earth from an aquatic planet orbiting Sirius A about ten millennia ago. The Bbokithi ruled the world as monk-kings, their every need met by slaves as they delved into the mysteries of magic and the universe. Their explorations awakened a Great Old One, Ma’clliggugt (which may be related in Tsathoqqua). Angered it had been awakened, Ma’clliggugt cracked the planet in half. A few Bbokithi managed to escape through gates to Earth, leaving the slaves that so dutifully served them to die. On Earth, they attempted to mold burgeoning human civilizations as new slave race. However, the Bbokithi soon found the surface world inhospitable and fled to the rivers. Memories of the Bbokithi live on as stories of ancient astronauts.

Today, the Bbokithi can be found in the Ohio River in North America, the Amazon, the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia, and the Vaal and Orange Rivers in South Africa. A fur-bearing variety lives in isolated waterways in Scotland. They live solitary lives, concerned only with the accumulation of knowledge and occult power. The Bbokithi hunt people that wander too close to the banks of rivers, dragging the victim underwater to suck out their brains. The consumption of brains provides the Bbokithi the victim’s memories and knowledge, including any known spells, as well as infusing them with a temporary increase in arcane power. The aliens know spells to lure people with arcane strength, such as sorcerers, to them. The Bbokithi seem to have no end game with the information they gather other than the accumulation of knowledge. 

A few Bbokithi are envious of the days where they were once worshiped and served. They gather cults around themselves, pretending to be minor gods. 

Brain Consumption: When a Bbokithi eats the brains of another living creature, it gains the creature’s memories, spells, and Magic Points. The Magic Points are temporary, not regenerating after the Bbokithi has spent them.  

Mucous: Bbokithi are covered in a neurotoxic slime. Skin-to-skin contact causes muscles to seize in humans. Anyone touching the mucous must make a Hard CON roll or lose 1D4 Hit Points and be paralyzed for 1D6 rounds. 

Bbokithi, brain eaters 

STR5D6 x 590
CON4D6 x 570
SIZ5D6 x 590
DEX3D6 x 550
INT4D6 x 570
POW6D6 x 5100

Average Hit Points: 16

Average Damage Bonus: +1D6

Average Build: 2

Average Magic Points: 20

Move: 8


Attacks per round: 2 (whiskers)

A Bbokithi attacks by whipping its long, grasping whiskers or biting with its sucker-like mouth. 

Whiskers (mnvr): As well as using their prehensile whiskers as whips, a Bbokithi may also grab opponents with them. The victim will be held on a successful whisker attack. Unless the victim can escape with a contested STR roll, the Bbokithi will suck out the victim’s brains the next turn. 

FightingWhiskers (mnvr)Dodge50% (25/10), damage 1D6 + damage bonus + venom (see above) 50% (25/10) damage venom + held + brains consumed next round. 25% (12/5) 

Armor: 2 points of tightly muscle and thick scales. 

Spells: Each Bbokithi knows 2D8 spells.  Sanity Loss: 2/1D8 to encounter an Bbokithi.

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